Hot buttons: Should the U.S. military intervene in Syria?

| August 27, 2013

  • jimgriffis

    When we as a country fail to
    protect innocence people, we fail.

    Americans have a strong sense of
    fair play and what is going on in Syria isn’t it. However, military action or war
    is a deadly serious business and should not be entered into lightly. We, as
    Americans are thoughtful and kind, etc. Therefore, we should not go into Syria.

    The lesson I learned from Vietnam
    is war should be fought with complete, absolute and savage brutality. Hence,
    when the world looks back we realize that we don’t want to do that again. More importantly,
    our enemies and or tyrants can really see and believe that when we speak, we
    mean it.

    There are real consequences for their actions and ours!!

  • Fred

    If the U.S Troops need something to do, then deploy along the Mexican border

  • Tall Paul

    Obama painted himself into a corner with that “red line” statement. Congress could do him and us a favor and refuse to authorize any military retaliation. If the idea is to deter the further use of CW, then lethal covert action and/or drone strikes against the regime is what should be employed. Same with Iran and their nuclear weapons program. strives to maintain an open forum for reader opinions. Click here to read our comment policy.