Hot Buttons: Women in combat

| March 18, 2013

  • David S. McQueen

    Having had combat experience in Viet Nam (3 tours), I believe that opening the combat arms to women is pure political correctness. I remember in the late 1970s (after the shooting stopped) the Democrat/Socialists demanded women be allowed to serve in the infantry. That idea collapsed when it was pointed out that “fairness” dictated women sign up for the draft. Leave the fighting to the men. Women can and do serve well enough in the support roles.

  • Ranger!

    For some reason lots of women feel that they have not been reconized for having served in combat. Far from it. As an Infantrymen we have always been of the opinon that everyone is a soldier. Everyone is trained to fire there weapon and expected to fight and engage with the enemy. And even perform some infantry task ie patrol, defend etc. However to perform all the infantry task in all types of terrain is taken too lightly. I see no reason why a women couldnt perform combat roles as ADA, Field Artillerly or even Armor. But as Infantry I think it is to risky to the unit to try to make a point. Granted their maybe women who carry 100 lb ruck up and down the yamas of Korea or throught jungles of South America or across deep Artic Snow. But if you open that door than you open the Mandatory draft door of women serving in the infantry regardless of their size or the ability of the military to determine if they are fit to serve in the infantry. Because during a draft it would be unfair then to send all males in the infantry because they are stronger and can close in with the enemy in the event of hand to hand combat and cut the enemys throat if need be.

    I think a lot of this talk is about a few who self centered and only looking at the possiblity of a women being on the joint Chief of Staff someday. Alot of non combat arms men and combat arms bust their butts and can’t get their. Its easy to over simplify a career when you really know nothing about it! Let not even get into special operations ground forces!

  • localnet

    In a civilized society, this would not even be discussed, as it is insanity and immoral. If the enemy is storming my neighborhood, that is different, I could easily see my wife and children arming up, that is a no brainier. But to send my daughter to fight in some God forsaken land, no way. The military is for men, but what it has now become, with these continual wars, and social engineering, I couldn’t even see myself re-upping. This is not my or my fathers military. strives to maintain an open forum for reader opinions. Click here to read our comment policy.