‘Hot fuel’ cases dismissed, giving victory to fuel providers in 7-year-old lawsuits

| February 13, 2014

diesel-fuelNearly all of the outstanding lawsuits against fuel providers in the “hot fuel” cases have been dismissed by plaintiffs, per several reports, including one from the Kansas City Business Journal, where the cases had previously seen action. 


‘Hot fuel’ cases hit with second punch

The judge presiding over the multi-district “hot fuel” litigation has ruled in favor of Chevron regarding California plaintiffs, marking the second hot fuel case retailers ...

This is the third time in just over a year that blows have been struck to the “hot fuel” suits, which allege fuel providers in effect cheated customers in fuel purchases in warmer months, saying fuel expands in warmer temperatures and contains less energy, therefore consumers are getting less than what they pay for. 

In the most recent dismissals, more than 20 suits against 15 defendant companies were dropped, according to a report from NATSO, including Pilot Flying J, 7-Eleven, Quik-Trip, Circle K, Costco and Wal-Mart. 

Chevron won a hot fuel case in July 2013 in a District Court in Kansas City, and several other fuel providers one a multi-district case in September 2012.

OOIDA had been actively involved in the suits and set up a page on its website dedicated to promoting the litigation against fuel providers.

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  • Robert Henry

    If hot fuel is not an issue, why do they put temperature compensators on the pumps at the refinery? It is so that when they pump 8000 gallons of 80degree fuel, it is actually 8000 gallons, so that they get paid for 8000 gallons. But they don’t want to put them on the pumps in the stations because that would cut into their multi-billion dollar profits from ripping people off. They use temperature compensators in Canada because of the cold in the winter months, when fuel will contract from the cold and actually pump more than a gallon if not compensated for temperature. So if they admit that temperature costs them money in the cold, why can’t they admit it earns them money in the heat? It is because they have become greedy as hell and do not want to give up their stolen money.

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