Hours, logbook violations get Mexican carrier booted from pilot program

| February 12, 2014

mexicoUntitled-1For the first time since the program’s 2011 inception, the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration has revoked the authority of a Mexican carrier participating in its cross-border trucking pilot program. 

Sergio Tristan Maldonaldo, doing business as Tristan Transfer, had his provisional authority revoked Jan. 23 for management control violations, specifically drivers not complying with hours-of-service rules and not requiring drivers to keep records of duty status. 


Supreme Court denies review of FMCSA’s pilot program with Mexico

The U.S. Supreme Court has refused the Owner-Operator Independent Drivers Association’s request to hear its case against the federal cross-border trucking pilot program with Mexico.

The carrier had two trucks and five drivers that received a conditional rating during a compliance review Dec. 20. FMCSA gave the carrier until Jan. 19 to correct the problems, but Tristan failed to present proof that it had done so. 

The carrier also had violations related to drug and alcohol data, as it had employed a driver or drivers before receiving a negative pre-employment screening test and failed to investigate a driver’s alcohol and controlled substances history for the prior three years.

During inspections in November and December, enforcers reported four separate occasions non-English speaking drivers. In one occasion, the driver could not sufficiently understand English signs and signals. Several vehicle violations were also reported during the same inspections. 

In an inspection in September, an inspector discovered one truck was not meeting the program’s electronic logging device requirements. An exhaust leak under the cab and an inoperable mandatory lamp were also reported. 

The agency’s pilot program currently has 13 participants and is set to end in October. The agency did announce Dec. 16 it had cleared a 14th carrier for admission into the program, it does not yet listed as a participant. 

As of Feb. 2, the agency continued the investigation it began in August of a possible HOS violation of Transportes Olympic. The FMCSA is pending decision on admitting two additional applicants, has dismissed 14 others and three more have withdrawn their applications.

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  • g

    They want US AMERICANS to “mingle” with these foreign CRIMINAL farm workers….to initiate a PEASANT CLASS for truck drivers…that can be molded into lowclass nobodies that need to be Monitored by Cops….they are basically destroying the Trucking Profession….hoping for LOW PAID dopes to drive.

  • http://mexicotrucker.com/ Porter M. Corn

    At least three on this thread hopefully will be replaced by Mexican drivers. What a bunch of uninformed bigots.

  • ironage

    Most of these Mexicans have 3 or 4 “aliases” anyway….they don’t give a shit.

  • MercenaryMan

    Ive encountered so man NON ENGLISH speaking Individuals from all over the world, not just Mexico, standing outside the gate with a hand written sign asking for help to find the Dispatch or freight office….asking what door, asking me to Interpret, cant backup, Cant park, Cant work the fuel island or doesnt understand American money…..how the hell do they get a CDL and drive down OUR Highways and cant read the signage….HOW ???

  • MercenaryMan

    Not only that theyll LIVE in the truckstops with Wife and Kids in the truck….

  • Del Ray Johnson

    Yeap right I recall your comments we had nothing to worry about it appears to me we still have nothing to worry about replaced what by a few drivers who can’t punch electronic log. Like I said when they leave California, Laredo and get pulled over in NY, Florida you better have it together no affirmative action!

  • g

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  • http://mexicotrucker.com/ Porter M. Corn

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  • MarsRiver

    Knowing the Southern Border situation should be enough to tell anyone this was a bad idea. I didn’t read anything regarding “fines” in the story. Hmmm ? Impact on CSA Scores ? How about PSP info ? What about BASIC and Driver Fitness ? I guess if you want to know that you have to pay a fee! They certainly don’t want “YOU” to know the “WHOLE truth”. “…You want the TRUTH ! YOU CAN’T HANDLE THE TRUTH”! The one’s that withdrew their applications realized the job isn’t worth the headache of the bureaucratic red tape nightmare! Thank you Ray LaHood, Anne Ferro, Anthony Foxx, for helping to usher in a New World Order!

  • guest

    Why do we need these “drivers” up here in the first place?? Our American drivers are having a horrible time as it is…with LOW PAY and increasing RULES. So they bring Foreigners up here who cant even speak or read English and send them NATIONWIDE?? This company SHOWS they come from a LAWLESS society and CORRUPT country and are obviously too Backwards and 3rd World to qualify for our Modern System. What Jackass decided THIS CRAP is what we need in TRUCKING???????

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