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Hours of service, brakes big players in Roadcheck inspection blitz violations

| September 12, 2013

Inspector under truckOf the 71,630 drivers inspected in this year’s Roadcheck 2013 inspection blitz, 4.3 were placed out of service, with half of the out-of-service orders stemming from hours of service violations, said the Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance this week. 

The 72-hour event was held in early June, and out-of-service rates rose slightly from last year’s historically low 22.4 percent vehicle out-of-service rate and 3.9 percent driver out-of-service rate.

Of the 73,023 vehicles inspected this year, 24.1 percent were placed out of service, with brake-related issues making up 49.6 percent of the out-of-service violations. 

CVSA, who organizes the annual inspection spree, said this year’s Roadcheck placed an emphasis on cargo securement, which accounted for 11.7 percent of the out-of-service orders issued. That percentage is down slightly from 2012’s 12.3 percent. 

The out-of-service brake violations are broken down into two main categories — brake adjustment, which made up 19.5 percent of vehicle out-of-service orders, and brake system violations, which made up 30.1 percent of OOS orders. Light violations accounted for 12.6 percent of out-of-service orders, and tires and wheels made up 10.1 percent of OOS violations. 

For driver out-of-service orders, 51.8 percent came from hours of service violations — in line with last year’s 50.2 percent — and falsified logs accounted for 13.2 percent. Disqualified drivers made up 10.2 percent of OOS orders, and suspended licenses made up 5.2 percent. 

CVSA says that about 10,000 of CVSA and FMCSA inspectors perform inspections at 2,500 locations around North America during the annual event. 

  • g22p

    They put you out of service for a marker light in the day time.Its all a bunch of bull.

  • Guest

    Did any of the drivers speak English? Were they all from mexico?? Translators required for all the “trucker/bracero/guest workers”?? They use translators extensively at Banning Weigh Station and never bother with immigration questions……industry is dominated by the continuing FLOOD of mexicans in trucking industry…all illegal of course…cops dont question about That.

  • rc1234

    Isn’t it comforting to know that DOT is keeping us safe ?
    Can you imagine the damage a burned out marker light would do to the traveling public? Or how about a bent chain link? We are so lucky…..

  • jesse wood

    all this kind of bull crap is why i retired 3 years ago

  • g

    A “trucker” killed a motorcyclist on the 60 frwy in South El monte, Calif Sept 11…he stopped for a minute..saw the guy was dead..then drove away…CSA doesnt seem to be “weeding” out the maniacs….

  • Guest

    Calif passed the new Law now any mexican can have a CDL and take even more of our jobs… illegal alien can now drive truck all over the country on his Calif CDL.

  • Guest

    While they are busy poking around the truck of an American Citizen with a REAL CDL…..there are 25 illegal aliens racing past the weigh station in old jalopy tractor trialers….how funny these ignorant CSA jerks are…the MANIACS are out there on the road you GOONS.

  • Guest

    Illegal aliens driving junk trucks drive past the weigh station laughing and flipping the bird at the Csa inspector and giving the all clear signal on their mexican CB CHANNEL to the dope hauling Illegals to haul ass while the GRINGO is being inspected….totally hilarious…..

  • 2wildT

    Money, money, money, money………… Hey law enforcement, want to make some real money? Get out on the roads and start busting the 350 million lunatics driving everything except commercial vehicles. Oh wait that would mean you were actually doing your job, not just showing up after the fact to take statements at accident scenes, what was I thinking. Hey FMCSA want to make the roads safer?
    Put forward facing cameras on all commercial vehicles that law enforcement can access at accident scenes involving commercial vehicles. Then let the so called safety action groups (truck haters) try and deny who’s causing things out here. Good luck. the truth will set you free!

  • martymarsh

    There is no accounting for personalities, but even if your story is true how does it put a black mark on trucking? Laws can’t control the nitwits, the proof of full prisons should be evidence of that. Also, had he been driving a car where would you have told your story?
    Laws are designed to keep the money wheel turning, not weed out the nitwits.

  • martymarsh

    You have to love that money making machine we call government, we should all have one. Government people justifying their job is how you know you will get a ticket, and how do you call them a liar without out spending a small fortune, and they know this also.

  • martymarsh

    All of these feel good protect me laws are in place to keep the money wheel turning. The true test to this was the seat belt laws, we let them get away with that without so much of a whimper. If you are in a wreck, do you honestly think they care if you got thrown out of your truck? They will probably say something to the effect that you are an idiot, which they will also say even if you are crushed in your truck with the seat belt on, just because you were involved in a crash.
    The best part of that deal is, the over paid meter maid that is going to write you the ticket while preaching to you is not even the one that is going to put you in the body bag, but he is so concerned.
    Without coming together, this is our future, live with it.

  • SemperFi

    Got my orange 3 this weekend. Spent 2.5 hrs fixing a shorted turn signal before they let me go, but made it through the hassle. But yeah, they need to focus more on the dummies in 4 wheels out there….

  • Nick Lane

    Amazing the % of accidents our fault is like 27/30 % . Yet they pass more n more regulations on us . Don’t see them at all the rest areas looking at car’s, pickups, campers an so on . Look at the money they could make off of that . Looks like a GOOD week to stay home. None of this has to do with safety . Safety is 24/7 and then shit still happens strives to maintain an open forum for reader opinions. Click here to read our comment policy.