Hours regs reduce flexibility, productivity for little gain, reps say

| June 19, 2013

TruckerTim0095 - sleeper - sleep hoursAt a House subcommittee hearing held June 18, trucking industry stakeholders told members of Congress that the hours of service rules set to be implemented July 1 do not offer flexibility needed for a diverse industry like trucking and do nothing to address conditions outside the control of drivers and fleets, like detention time, weather and traffic congestion.

The highways and transit subcommittee’s chairman, Rep. Thomas Petri (R-Wis.), began the hearing by saying that trucking companies have told him a “one-size-fits-all approach” does not give the industry nor specific companies the flexibility needed to adequately measure when drivers need rest and when they don’t, but instead forces industry-wide rigidity.

Examples, he said, include when a driver detained at a shipper or receiver waiting to load or unload must count that time spent sitting as on-duty.

Edward Stocklin, an owner-operator testifying on behalf of the Owner-Operator Independent Drivers Association, said the agency did not take the opportunity it had to give trucker’s the flexibility they need to plan their own schedules. Stocklin said drivers are always facing an “unstoppable 14-hour clock” that does not forgive drivers for waiting out bad weather, car accidents or detention at a shipper. “[Flexibility] means give us the ability to drive when rested and rest when tired,” Stocklin said.

Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration Administrator Anne Ferro defended the rule, saying it did give drivers and fleets flexibility. She also said requests to delay implementation of the rule were denied because they did not include “adequate support” for postponement.

Joan Claybrook, an outspoken advocate for further restricting the hours truckers can work, said the new rule “falls short of making the necessary improvements for safety that are needed to reduce the annual toll of truck-involved crash deaths and injuries as outlined by the court.”

Steve Williams, representing the American Trucking Associations, called the rule “arbitrary and capricious,” saying that it is based on pre-2003 data  — the first year that drivers hours of service limits saw rulemaking since 1938. Williams is owner of Maverick USA.

Commercial Vehicle SAfety Alliance president Mark Savage did not necessarily discredit the rules inherently, but said that without electronic onboard recorders, inspectors will have trouble enforcing them.

James Jaillet contributed to this report.

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  • No Reform

    Ferro knows that any trucker who doesnt LIKE IT can get the hell out of trucking as far asshe and her cop friends are concerned..because they can be easily replaced by Illegal Aliens…who are NEVER questioned about their Legal Right to be in AMERICA driving an 18 wheeler…so these cops have no concern about the AMERICAN trucker’s opinion..they will just get JOSE to haul the freight with Paper Logs and 10 Fake Driver Licenses.

  • Jason Haggard

    If people would have watched the live hearing they would have seen Anne Ferro admit that she had no real world experience in a truck and also that all of these new rules were based on lab studies and a theory they comprised from those lab studies. She openly stated after being grilled with questions by Rep. Mullen that there were no real world studies that had been completed yet.

    When Rep. Mullen stated “don’t you think that is putting the cart before the horse by implementing regulations before you even have any real world information” Ferro had no real reply.

  • pissed off trucker

    you my friend are an idiot!!! read a book every once in a while!!

  • Garson675

    I know there are many Jason Haggard’s out there, but by any chance are you from TN?

  • Dan Gerster


  • Dan Gerster

    no body wants yto listen they been listing and do the oppisite go on strike

  • Under Represented

    If it was possible to hold back enough deliveries to your major cities because of the new rules, so that you create some shortages, I think we would all be better heard. Especially Washington, DC. Cut the toilet paper first.

  • Josef


  • Josef

    Because she’s dumber then bucket of rocks.

  • Josef

    I like that toilet paper idea.

  • No Reform

    The TRUTH hurts I know…go dry yer eyes now…..when these foreign invaders take YOUR job you will be enlightened.

  • localnet

    I agree, they are hoping for amnesty, get the illegals behind the wheel for .10 a mile. I can see it, as the industry is being bled to death via regs and taxes.

  • wcnaas

    We’re like Lambs going into the Slaughter House , we have no idea how to stop all of our rights are being taken away . e-log book hours of service changes its been the same since 1938 if it doesn’t need fix then leave it along. Now you got Obama listening in on all your cell phone calls and reading your private e-mail and were still going to let them pound us with more reulation ??? I not one for a Nationwide Truck Strike but else can you do to get their attention that we aren’t going to take it !!

  • William McKelvie

    What Mark Savage omitted was how companies just like his manipulate the electronic recorded data every single day, to make sure he gets his seat warmers to deliver on time. :)

  • No Reform

    So True…the Rich man at work behind the scenes to rip off anyone he can…they Lobby in Washington while the driver is working his butt off unaware of the rip off plans and DEALS taking place in Washington

  • Jason Haggard

    Lol, you are about the 6th person to ask me that in the last year, but no I’m from MN.

  • Jammer

    I’ll agree with you Dan,I as A Owner/Operator,I am willing to spend some time at home losing money to prove a point! These people who are making up these rules haven’t got a clue about this Industry. My Question is; Why isn’t OOIDA All over Ann ferro, and her saying in front of Rep. Mullen that there are no real world experience’s ,just theories and lab studies? Why is it that 4-wheelers can still drive around us in a unsafe manner and nothing is being done about that? I’m ready to stand up, the problem is, we as truck drivers here in America, are afraid of a little sacrifice for the ending results. In other words ,We as a trucking Industry, DO NOT STICK TOGETHER!!! If we did we wouldn’t be dealing with this kind of dung right now.

  • Kurt

    14 hr rule makes you drive tired instead of stopping for a nap when you are tired. Can’t stop the 14 hrs, so you don’t stop driving even when tired and needing a rest. Just push yourself to keep going. Which do you think would be safer? Being forced to drive while tired or taking a break and continuing on after a needed rest?

  • JoaquinSotomayor

    The real issue here is when individuals that believe they know it all after all thats why they are politicians implement laws because a block of voters are on the line.Would you let an engineer perform surgery on you and a doctor build a bridge?Until the time we start looking at the big picture we will not solve the problem.If you want EOBRs on your trucks and plan on working like a slave on a slave wage then go along with the program as far as Ms.Ferro goes when was the last time she worked as a driver and put up with the pitfalls of it…….hmm….silence all she has seen is the trucks and truckers in the photo section of the magazines she subscribes to.They want us to be rule by as soldiers you do as we say and thats it so if I invest 100,000 in equiptment I have no right to work as I see fit to make a profit but as they see fit.Hello Big Brother I trust you know when I should rest even if I am not tired and perhaps when to eat even if not hungry.I have perform my job with pride even under the worst times but with goverment encroachment in all our lifes we are in trouble friends in deep trouble…..

  • JoaquinSotomayor

    My friend if nothing intelligent can come out just listen and follow please dont lead.

  • nick

    There is only one thing I wanna know… Have the people making these rules ever drove a truck a day in there life? If not, why are they making rules for something they know nothing about?

  • nick

    one more thing i’d like to add. What do you think of bull haulers having electronic logs? I cant help but laugh myself.

  • Daryl Wirth

    as soon as the cry babies get out of trucking the more freight for me

  • Ray Garcia

    You got that right. And that’s exactly what is happening right before our very eyes. I see Jose and all the rest of his cousins and amigos taking advantage of the government’s free offer to be a trucker in this country so they can get rid of the original people who were born here and deserve to have a job to support their families. They would rather compromise safety and integrity of the industry to gain more money. I see these guys on the road every night, and a lot of them are ridiculously dangerous, clearly have been the cause of many serious accidents! But that seems to be unrecognized by the DOT!

  • No Reform

    So True.

  • Ray Garcia

    Yeah, we are in deep trouble, and it’s been in the works for a long time now. Thanks to “good old Ronald Reagan”, when he deregulated transportation, the destruction of the trucking industry had begun. After that, everybody was invited to be a part of it (weather you knew anything about it or not) and participate in the “free for all the wetbacks to join in club”! This industry has really gone to the dogs.

  • Ray Garcia

    I wish we would stick together, but how can we if most of us out on the road are from south of the border and are very satisfied with the way things are? I mean, there’s just not enough of us from this country who drive a truck, recognize the problem and are willing to do something about it. They just love the wetbacks!

  • Ray Garcia

    So do I. Ha Ha

  • Ray Garcia

    You know it Bud.

  • Ray Garcia

    You’re only out for yourself, and you don’t give a damn about the industry and the people who have worked a long time to make it what it is, or what it was. “No shame to your game”. How sad. I hope you don’t have any children that could learn this from you.

  • martymarsh

    Simple solution to all of these new rules, pay drivers 20 bucks an hour and O/O’s 100 bucks an hour and we will all be able to put up with all of this stupidity. So now if everyone will just go home, in a weeks time they will be glad to pay it.
    What’s that you say,you can afford to join a strike, I got news for you, you can’t afford not to.
    I laugh every time I write something like this, we couldn’t agree that the sun is shining. But I have nothing better to do with my time.

  • martymarsh

    Guess what clown, there are to many like you so that won’t happen. Who do you work for England making them big bucks?

  • Cherokee

    Lets shut down now and make them listen to us because with out us this country stops..

  • paul

    The new hos is the biggest joke in the usa next to obama!
    I had level 3 in oregon yesterday. Was told that once i start my day nothing but 8hrs in the sleeper can restart my 14. That going off duty still counts as in duty against my 14.
    Um excuse me but what part of off duty isnt clear here???!!!

  • R Monaghan

    I am with you driver. How do we start?

  • Jimmy the Greek

    Cut the supply of rubbers and they well all die of aids

  • William McKelvie

    That’s because she does not have an answer. The wheels on the bus go round and round, never escaping the round in her case.

  • sasha r


  • Barney

    Obviously this Joan Claybrook hooker has absolutely no idea what is like behind the wheel- that goes for virtually the entire bam bam administration too.

  • Barney

    She’ll be one of the first ones cryin if something that she needs is late.

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