Hours rule is putting me in the hole

| February 01, 2006

Trucking has changed, and so has everything else. The federal government is still primitive. When the feds have taken over 10 years to solve a 15-minute problem, it tells you someone is stupid. You don’t need a black box, log book, eight hours in the sleeper. All you need is common sense.

The last HOS rule that was annulled was the best and most driver-friendly since I’ve been in the trade. Now it shifts it back in favor of the states. You can go to any state and learn that their revenue was down 80 percent or more under the old rule. Safety? The states don’t care or the feds – money is their game.
Bobby S. Williams
Oxford, Ala.

Police Each Other
The voice of the American trucker is well and very loud. It’s in the bottles, baggies and trash bags left at Wal-mart and truckstops nationwide. The smell of pee, or apple juice when my son asks, is in the air.

I recently saw a trucker drop his bag on the pavement at a Wal-mart in Winslow, Ariz. When he went into the store, I tied his trash to his trailer door, then got his company’s number and called them. As the driver left, I laughed a lot. He never knew until after he got on I-10.
Police each other, I guess is the answer. That’s where our voice is!
John Rose
Springfield, Mo.

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