Hours rules suspended in states struck by winter storm

| February 11, 2013

Photo from Weather.com

Several states hit by winter storm “Nemo” this weekend have suspended hours of service rules for drivers carrying emergency supplies.

Six states in all have suspended the regulations to allow truckers to bring fuels like propane and gasoline in for those in need. Nemo dropped more than 3 feet of snow in the Northeast — a February record for much of the region.

New Jersey announced its rule waiver today, good through Feb. 20, while Connecticut, New York, Maine, Rhode Island and Massachusetts also issued waivers either today or this weekend for various lengths for fuel haulers.

Overdrive sister site CCJ has a full write-up here, while the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration has on its site a full list of emergency declarations — click here to see it.

  • Mind Games

    I’d leave em in the snowbanks till Spring. In this politcal game we call trucking ya gotta know when to strike and right now I’d say the best time to negotiate a truce on the idle law is right now.
    Look they do it to us, Why not do it to them? The state officials have no mercy on us why should we towards them or their voters?
    Drivers tend to want fame and glory over substance. A photo shoot may make you feel good but being forced to turn your truck off because some tree hugger cries out he can’t breathe won’t feel good in the winter nor summer.
    Use ya microphone for more than idle chatter and or cussing your fellow driver out and use it instead to change things for the better.
    Aren’t ya tired of low wages and or being used as a place for elected officials can wipe their feet?

  • http://www.facebook.com/dave.nichols.75 Dave Nichols

    WTF? if your tired, your tired! why do these government regulator types think it is ok to work overtime now but not under good weathe conditions? Oh, the down home voters will be pissed of they run out of beer and pretzels!

  • martymarsh

    My fellow truckers, let me say this again, what is good for today is good for tomorrow. Do not run any differently, they want to be a bunch of hard asses with all the new regs, stick to them or they will never be changed. When they need gas and food bad enough they will be glad to change the stupid laws.

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