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House bill would force hair drug testing program for truckers

| December 06, 2012

A bill introduced this week into the House by Wisconsin Republican Reid Ribble would force the U.S. Department of Transportation’s hand on making carriers use hair samples to test truckers for drug use as opposed to urine samples if made law. The bill requires that the DOT implement a pilot program to evaluate drug testing via hair vs. drug testing via urine.

Some larger trucking companies and the American Trucking Association have pushed for a hair sample mandate for years and some fleets have implemented them independently.

Overdrive reported more in-depth on subject in August — click here to see that article on which carriers are using hair drug testing and why.


  • Andrea Sitler

    Do they want us all bald? This is follicle testing. I can go with snipping a little piece of hair but not pulling out the roots. Perhaps at the beginning of your career as a driver and then when and only when you fail a urine drug screen. Not as a normal pre-employment, random and so forth testing procedure. With the average job hopper that would mean pre-employement testing every 6 months. Then the possible random of every month but normal average is about 2x a year. So every 3 months on average, you are getting follicles pulled from your head. Too invasive and I can’t agree with this ruling. I am all for drug screening and finding ways to stop drug usage/sales but this is not the answer. This is just abusive to the non-user.

  • 4btrucking

    Another hoop to jump through and a bill to pay. Only in trucking your guilty until proven innocent. And you get to pay the bill to prove it….WHY doesn’t the government just get in the trucking business? If they want control just take over…you think there’s a driver shortage now, wait until all these regs kick in…next year…

  • Mike Smith

    Just another infringement by this communist style government trying to give other people work, (hair samplers, nurses, etc.), at our expense. Next they will make us hire one them to ride shotgun in our truck to make sure we do exactly what they want. What will it take to get this outrageous government to stop their actions against us in the name of safety. The government must start making ALL drivers abide by all the rules truck drivers have go by, in the name of safety. My god.

  • Fed up with this government

    talk about violating my civil rights. Does that mean that in order to be a truck driver you have to have hair? I have shaved my head ever since I got out of the Army and I’m not about to stop just so I can keep a job that has this much crap attached to it.

  • Mark Jackson

    Not a PROBLEM as long as EVERY GOVERMENT employee
    test right along with us and anyone wanting goverment assistance all on the same page

  • Dennis Murphy

    I agree Mark Jackson as soon as all elected officials and the people in their office are tested too after all they are public servants aren’t they????? Also everyone that on public assistance too!!!!! We the tax payer are paying for them too!!!!
    So we should not be supporting any type of drug user’s!!!!!!

  • charlie

    i have nver heard of such crazy shit just trying to make a living. Are all those people in Washington doing drugs. lmfao

  • Thomas Duncan

    Isn’t it amazing how these people pass laws and exempt themselves from the same laws that they want to impose on the rest of us.

  • FED-UP

    My truck will be paid for by the middle of 2013. I’ve inrolled in collage and I am going to do something else after 27yrs of driving. I have had enough of these regulations,the bad drivers,the pigs and all the hoops ya have to jump through just to make a living out here anymore. while NOTHING gets done about how the 4wheelers drive around us,the Ship&Rec. can

    hold you up for hrs with no recorse for the most part. Time to move on and let the Rookies and the Mexican’s take over. GOOD LUCK!!

  • David

    They can also get it from your eye brows or finger nails. That is what I was told from a doctor when I had one done.

  • David


  • Todd

    This guy is from Wisconsin republican the home of schneider who is pushing for this this is bunch of bull

  • Just want to drive

    I’m for it as the piss test cost me my driving career. I have nerve damage that cause problem with pissing . I offered hair ,blood,mouth swab . nope had to be pee.So now flagged as refused drug test on dac . and only had 6 months left till truck paid off lost everything.
    I agree on all public and elected officials and people that get welfare should have to be drug tested also.

  • 4btrucking

    I see what you say Todd. It’s about special interest and making somebody wealthy vs safety. Another reg shoved down the throat of truckers at our own expense. Guys that do no wrong get to pay for nothing. I would think safety would be about drivers keeping money in our pockets to take care of equipment instead of some idiots special interest. But what do I know.

  • Marty Marsh

    Oh yes, thank God they are doing this. 9 out of every 10 drivers are dope addicts, I would be one of the nine. Hell we haul more dope than freight. It just makes me warm and fuzzy knowing that the politicians are looking out for Americas interest.

  • Marty Marsh

    These clowns are going to lose a lot more before this is over with, they can’t fill all the empty seats as it is.
    Good luck in your next life,becaused I know the one you are leaving sucked big time, I did it for 39 years.

  • stickshift

    To The Communist Pigs that started this ,,,,GO To HELL.

  • Marty Marsh

    Shouldn’t you have went straight to a doctor or hospital and had these test done on your own? It certainly would have shown you weren’t hiding anything and you probably could have beaten them at their own game.

  • Ronald Schwartz

    Given the arrogant, entitled and self serving way of our elected officials and the ata, they should be mandated into those very solutions they themselves prescibe. The burdens of safety will never be met with cheap labor and oppressive government, as those beat up foreign speaking trucks will attest.. CSA will only yield the evidence of the burdens we have always shouldered for too little money, hence the “driver shortage”. So long as we continue to be persecuted, we will continue to migrate. The witch hunt is over. Cheap and untrained and untalented individuals is all you will have left. Keep your head buried and that dragon head will continue to bite….Safety will come when you penalize those in society with the truly atrocious habits..namely 4 wheelers and politicians that should be on a bus….

  • Just want to drive

    I did no lawyer would touch it . Noone wants to take on DOT or the company.

  • Marty Marsh

    Why don’t that surprise? This is all about total control and by time these people are done they are not going to get anyone to drive a truck. I wish I had an answer for you, but at the moment I don’t.

  • Mike Jones

    JB HUNT has had that test for YEARS…it IS effective….if they DO implement that program…alot of drivers will be out of a job.

  • Mike Jones

    They can take a sample from Armpit also…..

  • Mike Jones

    They try this crap on truckers..since they are basically independent types…if they can force it on us….the “others” should be easy……been going on for years…..we are like test monkeys for Dominance oriented programs to reduce the population to obedient slaves…Little by Little they are actually eroding our freedoms to ZERO. Rite NOW you have to answer to a gestapo looking goon every hour of every day….or his Proxy…ur dispatcher….and they can STORM his office any time they want….to see if everybody is Complying, Obeying, Conforming to the demands of Government Officials…….like Russia, and China…… can also be dragged away to a steel cage if you are not in Compliance…….or if you start shouting about Freedoms….and constitutional rights…you may need “re training” or a Mental Evaluation????

  • Mike Jones

    Smart Move and congrats!! There are 16 million illegal Aliens that they are filtering into these driving jobs…I do want to see a Dash Cam in the Face of THOSE goons and monitor anything THEY are doing…but Not American Citizens……..they should monitor the Towel Head and the Weback…since they have nothing better to do with their lives than to stick their nose in everybody’s business and try to control everyone….so the Rich man can have Obediant slave chumps…

  • Mike Jones

    Agreed again..I applaud your decision…you have “Seen The Light”….thousands of old timers are running for the exits are not alone.

  • Mike Jones

    Yep..those illegal alien drivers…are not providing 10 year work history like we are…and they have fake licenses under fake names… the “system” only dominates the American Citizen driver…I have worked in companies that employ illegal alien truck drivers WITH prison records from their home country…meheeko…..they also Train drivers to get their CDL…at the factory…everybody is speakin spanish……the place is owned by big name corporations..!! The rich man is able to get away with all this crap…..even Sherriff Joe and get the laws enforced without fighting the “lawmakers”…….trucking has become a nightmare……

  • Durango

    Pay any government official off and you can get any business idea implemented. Overnight success!! I’ll invent a pissometer with a transponder they surgically attach and they can monitor us 24/7. Maybe then they will be happy. Heil Hitler!

  • Durango

    So is urinalysis. Hair testing just cost a lot more which will end up being passed down to driver’s pay. If they really want to catch the drug dodgers they need to do roadside randoms when they do inspections.

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  • wing

    Say, didn’t you know that the standing president sent transportation secretary ray LaHood(what a name for the job) to Mexico and signed off NAFTA? so….here come the replacements!

  • Gordon Alkire

    In truth gentlemen, we are doing nothing but bitching and complaining instead of taking action. We have been reduced to slave labor and robots and it isn’t over. Drug testing and EOBR are not the end of it. Just the beginning. After EOBR is installed in your trucks, cameras will be installed to see every action you do. blink too many times or pick your nose or scootch around to relieve the butt itch you get a message via EOBR to stop and take a drug test or swap trailer with another driver . YOU HAVE A PROBLEM

  • Dx

    Reid Ribble has a small fleet of straight trucks in his roofing business. Will he exempt his business from the testing? He uses a lot of workers from south of the border. Would they all be able to pass?

  • Ronnie Hughes

    Toal agree with Mike Smith. comments.

  • Mike Jones

    SO TRUE….more monitoring to come…more testing…more and more and more and more….

  • Ronald Schwartz

    Unfortunately, being in a minority, we are and will be, subject to being a test bed for new regs. Corporate america insists on low costs. Period. Large numbers of new drivers are evidence of this. Generations of drivers have suffered with the ill effects. 30 yr old rates, plus a meager fuel surcharge, doesn’t equate to successful, highly maintained and efficient operations. Especially in light of new regs. Those who are attempting it currently…really, don’t know any better…as it has always been. If you haven’t sold your soul to the devil to keep your niche..your one of them….low wage operator. So squeeze fuel, reduce drag and don’t exceed hrs and you’ll make it…ya right…just keep pounding the drivers who have been america’s backbone….maybe this reg will make you feel safer. strives to maintain an open forum for reader opinions. Click here to read our comment policy.