House bill would increase trucking insurance minimum by millions

| July 23, 2013

Roll-over crash sceneA bill referred to the House’s transportation committee last week would raise the minimum insurance required by trucking companies from $750,000 to $4,422,000.

The Safe and Fair Environment on Highways Achieved through Underwriting Levels Act (SAFE-HAUL) was introduced by Rep. Matt Cartwright (D-Penn.) and has seven co-sponsors.

The bill cites a recent study by the Trucking Alliance —  a group that consists of seven large fleets — that says 42 percent of accident settlements paid by carriers between 2005 and 2011 exceeded the $750,000 minimum.

The Owner-Operator and Independent Drivers Association and the American Trucking Associations both disagree with the findings of the study, however, and both say that just 1 or 2 percent of crashes involving trucks actually see a claim above $750,000.

OOIDA’s Todd Spencer in June called the study “bogus,” adding that “All the Alliance will succeed in doing is increase costs for their competition in trucking and chum the water for personal injury lawyers.”

Most truckers, Spencer says, have $1 million in coverage as-is, and that “98 to 99 percent” of truck crashes “are settled well below the $750,000 minimum.”

ATA spokesman Sean McNally echoes Spencer, saying that just 1 percent of settlements exceed the minimum. The Alliance, he says, recommends the limit increase “in satisfaction of some unstated goal.”

The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration “consistently found over the same time period examined by the Trucking Alliance that the average cost of a crash involving a large truck is less than a third of the minimum limit required today,” McNally added.
  • martymarsh

    What a bunch of liars, sponsored by another spend it all democrat. I don’t know who is more corrupt, Washington or the insurance companies. These worthless clowns are going to milk the trucking industry for every dime it has, which is another reason drivers don’t get paid.
    These are nothing but money grubbing parasites, but remember clowns you can’t take your dirty money with you. Nothing but filthy liars.

  • jim

    Do as I did, copy and past and send to your congress and senators, and express you concerns. We need to all say something and the more noise we make the more they will hear us.

  • Daniel Kupke

    Another attempt to drive the OO out of bussiness ?? I was told back in 77 (2 years before I bought my first truck) That in the future there would only be a handfull of trucking companys and that if u didn’t like what they offered u would not drive ?? !!! This was a old steel hauler out of Gary IND (((that I was humpin his BIG TITTED daughter at the time))) I spent the nite in his house in Gary IND with this daughter of his before I ever met him ?? That next morning she told me who her dad was n what he did !!! I had heard stories about these steel haulers from up there !!! The first thing he says to me when I round the corner in his house that morning is well is she good at it or not !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ??!!! He had a old GMC cabover n a 40 ft covered wagon that he would load 4 40,000 lb coils in every week n go to Dallas !! Bias Ply tires n all !!!

  • martymarsh

    The people you talk about only listen to people with money, or a crowd yelling in their face, so where does that leave us?

  • martymarsh

    Oh the good old days.

  • Jim Kennedy

    Hopefully, you chose wisely.

  • Claude

    Both Congress and insurance companies are bed partners and we the drivers get screwed.

  • EF McHenry

    I agree with your comment. But just to add I find this laughable!! The ATA opposes? OOIDA Yes! But ATA?? are you kidding… The Truck Alliance consists of the same bunch of ATA carriers! This is the Truck Alliance:
    Knight Transportation, JB Hunt, Schneider National, Maverick Transport, Fikes Truck line, Dupre, Boyle Transport….What a joke. It’s all nothing but a game to these people

  • ToucheTurtle

    Unorganized and at the mercy of the big companies with their lobbyists from ATA AND money to buy what they want! Getting everyone to STOP working for just one week is a pipe dream, but that is EXACTLY what needs to happen!

  • martymarsh

    That is the only thing that will work, and we can’t even do the obvious.

  • MillionsOfMiles

    Funny that OOIDA has not posted anything on their website about this bill – probably because some of the sponsoring Dems got PAC money from them. The sponsor of the bill and one co-sponsor each took over 400K from trial lawyers – congress for sale!

  • lisaMSW feels there should be enough coverage for injured victims

  • Jerry

    hmmm, JB HUNT, their very profitable logistics company could see a decrease in revenue. I wonder how their Logistics employees will adjust to an increase in insurance rates.

  • Jerry

    hmmm, JB HUNT, their very profitable logistics company could see a decrease in revenue. I wonder how their Logistics employees will adjust to an increase in insurance rates

  • Opt Out

    It’s congress and the for profit insurance companies.They sneak these pork bills threw all the time. Lobbiest who push these bills threw with the buddies in congress. Many in congress are highly investing in insurance companies.They seem to set the cost and we are held hostage.

  • jr023

    i would carry at least 1 mil but where does gov get the weird figures why 4,422,000 why not 4mill 4.5 mill must be washington fuzzy thinking and yes the federal government hates small businesses

  • Jimmy the Greek

    This is for the personal ingery lawers

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  • Bronson buckhanan

    Hi. Y. Not charge carriers. That already have. Chargeable claims. Like auto insurance do. Instead of. Making every one have to pay. When. Lot of times it’s the autos fault. And they don’t have the coverage to replace cargo and clean up and truck. And. Trailer. Lot of this should reflex on Csa. Points. Most carriers. Cary. More than the required. Now. Most brokers want u. To have a million. If a driver. Has good Csa and driving. Record. I don’t he or she should. Have to pay higher. Insurance but autos should. Have carry. More. If there. Records. Are bad. Mayb. They can. Look and umbrella policy. That can be afordable strives to maintain an open forum for reader opinions. Click here to read our comment policy.