House introduces bill that would raise fuel tax 15 cents to fund highways

| December 04, 2013

fuelingPresented as a highway funding solution, Rep. Earl Blumenauer (D-Ore.) introduced into the House today a bill that if enacted would institute a 15-cent increase per gallon in fuel taxes.


Conference: U.S. needs to shore up infrastructure funding for better roads, better economy

The Highway Trust Fund will likely be completely dried up by 2015, and the U.S. must act to shore up funding both for improved infrastructure ...


Blumenauer says the U.S. needs to transition to a stable and long-term funding source, but the 15-cent increase in fuel taxes could be a short-term option for battling the dwindling Highway Trust Fund.

The bill, dubbed the UPDATE Act, is based on recommendations from the Simpson-Bowles report, the National Surface Transportation Policy and Revenue Commission and the National Surface Transportation Financing Commission.


Where’s the ‘public outcry’ for better roads and bridges?

One primary problem with road and bridge improvements and expansions is that the Highway Trust Fund is going broke.

The fuel tax hikes would be phased in starting next year and attaches fuel taxes to inflation. It then would replace the gas tax with a more stable source of funding by 2024.

The American Trucking Associations supports the bill, saying it is an attempt to address the country’s “woefully underfunded” roadways.

  • roger

    the feds take in enought money but waste it on pet projects

  • Steve

    Here we go again everyone get a raise but the drivers and owners

  • Out of state driver

    Before hiking the fuel tax, the government needs to explain where the money has been used. Every truck must pay a Heavy highway tax. $550.00 Take that times the number of trucks on the road. That’s a lot of money. Then you pay the IFTA. So, with that being said, Government, what are you doing with our hard working money? Please explain.

  • 1959MackB61

    So raise fuel tax so the money can fix the roads? Really? What has happened to all the other tax money?
    If they do this it has to be linked in such away that all the funds go to the roads and the same for the other already imposed taxes that we pay.

  • Stormy

    Plus your IRP, U.S, tolls (a toll by any other name is a tax) and advalorem taxes. The list goes on and on.

  • NoThankYou

    And yet, this too will never be enough to satisfy the government’s hunger for your last penny. This amounts to a 2 to 4 cent per mile tax on trucks, with exact figures determined by vehicle/operation fuel economy. Sadly, it’s most likely that these monies too will be reallocated to some government “charity,” all whilst Washington cries and complains that America’s roadways are “woefully underfunded.” Can someone please allocate and account for the taxes we already pay? Let’s start with 2290 taxes and the FET taxes we pay on tires and new equipment that many–as in all of “Commifornia”–have been forced to upgrade to. This “solution” is likely being pushed by those big fleets that have dumped the inefficient 2007-2009 powered trucks to smaller companies and independents in favor of much improved 2010+ engines. The small/independent operator is simply being told to “get bent.”

  • ilovdieselsmoke

    another great idea. we desperately so need the extra funding for our country club golf paths and also for the golf carts to be able to make the long road trip from the Island marina back to every private gated community residence.. we also need more bike paths and of course new side walks, bridges, and highways in those middle eastern neighborhoods so the suicide bombers can save time on their daily commute before blowing them self up outside our overseas military establishments. the American Trucking Association is so full of bulls#*t nothing amazes me about their warped reasoning anymore. what does amaze me though is there are still drivers stupid enough to believe this carrier group somehow represent our interest out here!

  • jojo

    Every citizen in this great country relies on our roadways in some respect. We should all be held responsible for the upkeep of the roadways that we all depend on.
    Fuel taxes for those who use the road the most is a fair way to supplement the roadways. In the future a fee must be established for non-coventional vehicles.
    For the public to inflict unrealistic tolls on commercial vehicles has in effect made those vehicles tax collectors. The public has used these funds for things other than the upkeep of the roadways and that has created problems that must now be dealt with.

  • Bam113

    Really? What a bunch of shit. Why don’t we just run for free, damn close now! Don’t we pay more than our share already?my pockets might as well have holes in them.

  • Dan Gerster

    driver did u know that 90 percent of hut goes to the railroads it was established 1973 when the railroads where broke. now there rich and cant seam to pay back all the funding that our great congress gave them did u know that the railroads do not pay any fuel tax whatso ever because their exempt and can cut the freight rate and put us out of buisness

  • Ordinary Joe

    Every penny of the $550.00 2290 funds goes to the railroad. I am not sure about where IFTA goes… probably someone’s pocket :>(

  • jojo

    My point exactly. Road use taxes, fuel taxes etc. should be used to supplement the maintenance of the roadways not the railroads or the jogging paths.

  • Al Ross

    pa just paseed a new transportation bill which will raise fuel tax by 28 cents by 2017 …..will be the highest in the nation

  • Dave Nichols

    The bill needs to have iron clad rules that limit the use to only highway maintainence. this old scam always robs the money to fund mass transit boondoggles and does not address highway maintenance or construction.

  • hawk

    How did the republican majority let that bill hit the floor, they have blocked every other tax increase or any other bill the democrats try to bring to the floor

  • roadog 433

    fossil fuels are the golden goose for the us government . are there better options ….i’m sure – but this is corrupt and broken system as well as a monopoly driven by power – money and greed . i’m just saying

  • roadog 433

    ordinary joe the heavy highway tax 2290 goes to the railroads ? is that true ?

  • david

    what is happening to all the tax for fuel now. lots of misuse of our tax dollars.

  • Certifiably Nutty

    Maybe, if they stop giving million, oh I am sorry, BILLIONS away in aid to countries around the world that don’t need it they can take that money and use it to rebuild OUR infrastructure.

    Put this right on top of the list with pay cuts for the military and closing the commissaries as another example of how the government (not D or R – THE ENTIRE GOVERNMENT) just craps all over the workers. The fat cats never have to pay a price because they ALWAYS make the decisions and if they don’t they have enough money to create options.

  • Guest

    I agree with all the comments. It is very interesting that this new bill was even introduced by Rep. Earl Blumenauer (D-Ore.) where the speed limit is 65 for cars and 55 for trucks has he in all fairness sought a 27% tax hike for his residents in Oregon? (O/O math 65 MPH divided by 55 MPH times our 15% equals 27%)

  • Del Ray Johnson

    I agree. It is very interesting that this new bill was even introduced by Rep. Earl Blumenauer (D-Ore.) where the speed limit is 65 for cars and 55 for trucks has he in all fairness sought a 27% tax hike for his residents in Oregon? (O/O math 65 MPH divided by 55 MPH times our 15% equals 27%)

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  • Guest

    With diesel prices running at around $0.70 higher than gasoline aren’t we already paying enough? If there are six times the number of automobiles on the roads as trucks wouldn’t it be more cost effective to use a lower increase of tax against the majority? Just trying to help the left (D) with math. Better yet, Earl, how about you learn to use the money extracted from us for the purposes for which it was originally intended and earn our trust in your decision / suggestion making ability. That would be the best place to start.

  • MarsRiver

    Somehow $17 Trillion disappeared and “shovel ready projects” WERE at the top of that spending list. Interesting!

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  • William Henry Bowen

    You’ve got it nailed Roger. WAY too much money is diverted to boondoggles like the $15B (and counting) LA Subway system. The Federal road fuel taxes should ONLY be used to fund roads & other items directly related to roads, NOT to mass transit and other non-road uses.

  • goldfisheb

    yea, I live in Pa. 13 cent increase this year for diesel, going to be rough enough- how are we supposed to squeeze another 15 cents???!! (and I rather doubt the roads will be much better any time soon)

  • G. G. Martin III

    Its all ready tough enough to make money out here any way how about leaving the fuel tax alone and collect from the every day personal vehicles that travel the road and put it on their back share the underfunded roadways repair that way we all share the expense and dedicate it to Highways only!!! NO OTHER mas transit they get money already.

  • G. G. Martin III

    What we really need to do is address all the real problems that we as an industry have. We need to join to gather and take the issues on one at a time. For example our C.D. L. How come we don’t get a second chance when it comes to our Driver License heck even if we get a warning it counts against us in the point system. We spend more time on the road more miles on the road. The average person drives about 7,800 miles a year. The average long hall driver if he works 60 hrs. a week and drive’s 60 miles an hr. =3,600 mi a week x 52 weeks =187,200. miles a year. That’s 24 more times than the average 4 wheeler drives in a year. The average person that drive to work and back would have to drive for 24 years to equal one years worth of driving time and miles on the road. 24 Year’s Just look at the comparisons their is none. We the professional truck driver have to perform 24 times grater than the average person driving a vehicle no mater even in our personal vehicle we are still accountable. The average driver with a common driver License gets Driver Education Courses, deferred adjudication, probation and other options what do we get? We get held to a higher standard than anyone else. We ARE discriminated against. This violates our constructional rights. We need to address each and every issue. We get pulled over with out probable cause because we are commercial drivers. That’s crap Their needs to be probable safety issues that are visible to the officer and not just at his or hers opinion its all about revenue for the excuse of safety so they claim. I see hundreds of 4 wheelers going down the road with all type of safety issues they don’t seem to focus on them just us we have a big truck so we have to have lots of money. Get it to an accident and what happens its always counted against the truck regardless of the consciences according to the governing insurances standards, accident reports etc.. we pay the premiums in our insurances for it. You don’t see any other licensed driver subject to this or industry as for as that goes. We need to form a association for C.D.L. Operator’s and start taking back our industry. We need commercial driver education that give us credit on tickets in lue of penalties a second chance. We don’t need points added to our driving records and have to pay on the point system they just want our money. We need discounts on our insurance for safe driving with out an accident for x amount of miles and time. We need the insurance to stop counting accidents against the trucking industry when its is the other vehicle faults. We are getting the blunt of all or for the most part fault of the Transportation problems. And who in the world decided to make all the trucks stay out of the passing lanes. No all the 4 wheelers get in front of you and drive below the speed limit and we have to deal with the get on and get off traffic. They should get after the slow and impeding 4 wheelers that drive to slow and when we the trucker that are driving the speed limit and come up on a 4 wheeler they should have to move over to the left lane and not impede us in our designated lane. Also make all studies run an impact studies in certain areas before mandating this type of rules. Also all vehicles showed move to the left lane when any vehicle is on the shoulder of the road be it 4 wheeler , Officer of the law, truck, equipment. etc… We should also invoke the marine merit time rule the bigger load has the right of way!!! It isn’t like you can turn around or back up in most cases, along with driver safety about big truck in the drivers hand book you have to study to get a driver license. We need a section in the hand book about common sense things to do. When pulling over to let a big load by like don’t stop directly across from a sign, a guardrail, or pull over way before the bridge railing before the bridge etc…!!!! We need a C.D.L. Association for the C.D.L. Driver and have a real voice. I am a C.D.L. Driver of 38 years experience ranging in oilfield hauling, structural moving, freight hauling, manufactured housing. I understand a lot of our issues we need to work together and fix our on problems and quite waiting for someone else to do it for us. WE could generate lots of good things in our industry we need to stick to gather to protect our industry and jobs and license’s. If you are interested Then contact me at 817-444-6516 Thanks

  • Mind Games

    Shippers are gonna love me…. And my plan is to wear a Jacket and or T-shirt that says the American Truckers Association and the large trucking companies and the congress members that took bribes from them made me do it and of course the phone number to the Capitol will be listed as well.
    I may even hang the same sign on the back of my trailer too so the public can see it as I drive 55mph.

  • Lovinpoppa

    Because as we all know, no one gives a damn about truckers except other truckers and their families. Why should taxes be raised for roads we aren’t even allowed to drive on? strives to maintain an open forum for reader opinions. Click here to read our comment policy.