House rep calls hours rule ‘flawed regulatory process’

| September 18, 2013

hours of service evening truck stopRep. Richard Hanna (R-N.Y.) issued a statement this week signaling that the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration will miss its Sept. 30 deadline for completing and reporting the results of an hours-of-service study required by the current MAP-21 highway funding act.

He also said in the statement he intends to work with other members of Congress to “bring relief to our nation’s truckers, small business and consumers — and restore some commonsense to this flawed regulatory process.”

Hanna was one of the key members behind a letter sent to Secretary of Transportation Anthony Foxx in late August asking if the agency could provide a date as to when the findings of the study would be reported. The letter was signed by 51 representatives and called into question the validation of the current hours-of-service rule, which went into effect July 1, saying moving forward with the new rule prior to completing the study was “counter to commonsense.”

The letter also asked that a response be given by Sept. 12, which did not happen, says Renee Gamela, communications director for Hanna.

According to reports, the agency did receive the letter and says it intends to respond individually to those who signed it.

“It is imperative that the rules governing the commercial trucking industry be backed by factual, statistically-valid and data-driven studies that are fully completed and analyzed before proposed rules come into effect,” Hanna and his colleagues wrote in the August letter.

Click here to read it in its entirety.

Hanna in July intended to propose an amendment to the Transportation, Housing and Urban Development, and Related Agencies Appropriations Act that would have essentially overturned the hours rule by stripping FMCSA of its enforcement funding for the rule.

The THUD bill, however, was pulled from the House July 31, right before Congress recessed for August.

  • William McKelvie

    We all need to support Mr Hanna and the other 50 congressmen who signed the letter. Ferro is just like the other regulations people, be it guns, EPA, or CARB or sleep apnea, or overweight BMI insurance geeks, they are all out of control. TIME is now to take our industry back from Ferro and friends.

  • guest

    Calif has new Law to be signed by Brown Nose…it will allow any illegal alien on earth to drive an 18 wheeler. They are personally issuing calif Driver License to any belly crawling criminal alien who can get to the Dept Of Motor Vehicles..and pay the fee. Goodbye Trucking Jobs and Freight…….Calif has More illegals than any state and they will be taking over now…may as well sell yer truck.

  • Paul

    A professional driver should be allowed to drive the same hours everyone else does…
    Paul O. Haller

  • RalphMalph

    Actually, I find it laughable that ANY New York Rep say he’s going to ” bring relief to truckers… “.

    Guess I shouldn’t ask if he knows what the G W .. Tappenzee .. Throgs Neck toll cost per crossing, he’s helping us .. right ?

    Guess I shouldn’t ask why certain Violations are considered a Traffic Violation in one town, but a Misdemeanor in another, he’s helping us .. right ?

    How’s he doing with that No-Idling + Parking … I know, he’s helping us … right ?

    Jeepers Mr. Wilson, did I say something I shouldn’t have ?

    Who the heck was it that told me to run if I heard … ” I’m from the Government and I’m here to help ”

    …….. some Ron guy or something.

    I got an idea …. how about we do a ‘ Hot Zone ‘ of States/Cities/Towns/Routes that dip into our pockets and HIT those Zones with a Surcharge

    ………… for the Shakey, we could call it the Air Nazi Surcharge.

    ………………. for New York + Jersey, we could call it the Toll Nazi’s, Parking Nazi’s and Lumper Nazi’s Surcharge.

  • Jayne Strash

    why don’t the driver just decide not to transport for one week freight into or out of one state as a showing of how the trucking industry still has a SAY in what goes on in what they do, I believe this would get someone’s attention in congress, fmcsa,dot and the rest of the country… Im just saying… if 1.2 million motorcycle riders can get together and ride on the same day into D.C. why cant the driver get together?

  • John Smith

    I get so tired of big government telling everyone how to run our lives and what we are capable of and can and can’t do, next they’ll be telling a surgeon he can’t use a scapel that is necessary for his work. These people have no clue what driving is about. They drive a car and think they’re an expert on big trucks. It’s time that people from the trucking industry be put on these committees. I get tired of protologists trying to tell us how to do brain surgeory. Foxx’s head is in his armpit, I’d say somewhere else but he can’t bend that far. I agree we should shut down, if everyone did it for 3 days, we could rid ourselves of the FMCSA and safer and all their other ridiculous rules. It’s like all these DOT cops looking for the smallest thing to shut you down, all they’re doing is hurting themselves and the rest of the economy, they drive prices up to give themselves a big pat on the back. Don’t get me wrong I am for safety, but I realize that things can happen while driving. Clerical errors and small fixits need not be out of service offenses, and the sleep apnea testing, is for 7% more likely to have an accident according to their study and according to my Doctor, who thinks it is ridiculous. Would you bet your life on a 7% chance? Then why should be be governed by such miniscule percentage as well?

  • twb

    Not too far in the future is going is going to be a Mexican president… that is something they should start thinking about….

  • twb

    They did this kind of stuff back in the day…. There is no unity….too many people from other countries who don’t really care…

  • Jason Haggard

    OH NO, the FMCSA and Anne Ferro can answer publicly. No more of her lies and deceit. She and the FMCSA concocted this fabricated new HOS system based on fake and nonexistent data. The time to ask for an explanation has come and gone, the time has now come for some people within the FMCSA to lose their jobs.

  • BunniRabbyt Happily Retired

    I saw 2 drivers from my hometown this week. Both are in their 40’s. They are both so burned out one was like a wild man both begging to get out of trucking. They have families they can’t. Another driver in his 60’s called me. Said he di 1600 miles on Sun and Mon just to meet schedule scared to death he will get caught or worse yet an accident. He will then be a felon. I really feel for you drivers this is in no way a man should have to become to make a living in America. Until a man rises up and takes control of the truck driving industry this is the way it is. Where is that man it sure isnt the teamsters or OOIDA. I have seen little help from them. Pray for GOD to send relief.. God Bless you drivers I have been there.

  • al smith

    Trucking industry isn’t what it use to be and will never be again too many illegals and they all cut rates so low in the car industry we can’t make a living. Say good bye to what use to be

  • Jayne Strash

    understand, however, remember the revolution was started in this country with less than 100 men at that time and it forever change our country into what it is today. a free country.. not everyone will join, but if 1/2 of the independent drivers did what a crimp it would put on any one state for one week, then do the same to another state the next week.. I am sure some changes would occur very quickly

  • Jon McLaughlin

    Make that state California and we blockade all routes in and out of the state. What would that do to their already bankrupt economy? I would be willing to sit on the border for 1 week to prove the point, how about you. California thinks that they can regulate the whole country with their mamby pamby rules on emissions, they need to clean their own house before they clean ours. Notice how many of their cars and rigs belch smoke!!!
    We would need to encourage the big trucking companies to support us by not forcing their drivers not to cross our lines . Look at how much all companies have had to pay out to be in compliance with Socialist California.
    We would need to have 2 or 3 trucks at each crossing.

  • Jayne Strash

    lol now Jon you know we can blockade routes that is illegal and I would NEVER propose any thing illegal.. however, I would pick D.C. can you imagine the prez sitting on the toilet needing paper and there is none because a truck driver didn’t deliver any? now there is a site to behold lol.. but seriously… there is strength in numbers and messages sent in numbers, this could be done and D.C. first and the Cali second.. would be very powerful

  • Jon McLaughlin

    I agree that blockade was too strong a work, picket and try to encourage drivers to stay out of California for 1 week. Maybe they will run out of more than TOILET PAPER.
    Have drivers constantly on the CB at all border crossings asking other drivers to honor the picket and bring California to their knees.

  • dr

    you have to be willing to break the law to “enforce” no deliveries

  • Jayne Strash

    NO u have to be willing not to accept a load into or out of those states.. that is not breaking the law

  • Jimmy the Greek

    Just snipers !

  • Jimmy the Greek

    He would just call in a crongress man to lick it clean

  • David McGaugh

    The new hours rules are nothing compared to the impact that elogs and sleep studies are going to have on all truckers. When he mentions that, I will beleive his “helping” us is no more then freeing up the funds given to the FMCA so he can say he saved America money during his next election. Look at the real issue here people, time too wake up and use your heads.

  • David McGaugh

    Bullshit its nothing more than an issue of clearing up the funds to pat themselves on the back about saving money in the next campaign. He could give two shits about truckers.

  • dr

    you have to be willing to stop loads from entering, that’s how it Worked last time, plus you have to stop locals, bread, milk, deliveries to slaughter plants, private grocers, auto parts, a lot of vacation days, sick days from those who see the possibilities will be 5% at best you need fear

  • TONY C

    Where did you get the idea that California is giving CDL’s to ilegal aliens, they are proposing giving regular licences so they can have an ID and also get insurance, this will benefit everyone on the road, so get youre facts straight and stop making stuff up. strives to maintain an open forum for reader opinions. Click here to read our comment policy.