House subcommittee sets hours hearing date: Nov. 21

| November 15, 2013

Night shot at dock

The following special-edition podcast rounded up Overdrive reader voices on hours Monday, Nov. 11. Call 530-40-VOICE (530-409-6423) to leave your name, location and your own message on the subject of the economic impact of the rule on your operation.

The U.S. House of Representatives contracting and workforce subcommittee to the Small Business Committee will hear testimony Nov. 21 on the economic and operational impact of the new hours-of-service regulations to small businesses.

FMCSA Administrator Anne Ferro will testify at “Wrong Way: The Impact of Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration’s Hours of Service Regulation on Small Businesses.” Additional testimony will be offered by the Owner-Operator Independent Drivers Association, Arkansas-based L & L Freight Services and the Transportation Intermediaries Association.

The 10 a.m. hearing will be webstreamed live Nov. 21 via this link. 


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  • MercenaryMan

    There needs to be Truckers, O/O and Independents allowed to testify….on record….

  • EF McHenry

    Notice congress is AWOL(Absent WithOut Leave)on the economic impact of the EOBR/ELD mandate! How about a congressional committee to address the impact of sleep apnea screening on the industry? Ever notice the only one that is panicing about the HOS rule is the American Trucking Association! They could care less about any rule policy or regulation that is a affront to the driver! In fact the ATA is directly pushing rules and regs that attack the driver! And the politicians serve the corporations!

  • Trick1

    This is just the start of the crap coming down the line, if law makers stop making laws they would be out of a job.

  • houndies

    I tried to call that number and got some girl’s cellphone. I doubled checked the number I dialed and I had dialed correctly. Anyone else have this problem?

  • William McKelvie

    Doubt that will happen, not any one of us who has real world and real life experience at least.

  • Kelly

    Actually, yes there is. Tilden Curl of TECCO Trucking in Olympia, WA (owner/operator and member of OOIDA) is scheduled to testify. He’ll bring some real world/ real life experience to the table. (BTW, he was the 2010 Goodyear Highway Hero– he saved a couple of peoples lives).

  • William McKelvie

    Well hopefully he will do better than the last two OOIDA sent. SMDFH on those two. Gravel parking lot and a porta potti and the other one fumbled all over his own ……..I hope he takes the time to prepare himself. You cannot keep sending people who are not experienced in public speaking or political meetings and expect to hit a home run. Many of us have stopped to help folks out, some of us never look for the celebrity status, only to help.

  • Kelly

    “Many of us have stopped to help folks out, most of us never look for the celebrity status, only to help.” And that is precisely what Tilden did–stopped and helped folks out. He wasn’t looking for celebrity status–just trying to help. As for the testimony, all we can do is wait and see.

  • William McKelvie

    Give me a break. What’s happened since the last hearings? Did CSA crash causation get changed? Noooo, they are still playing footsie with it, and are looking at making it more complicated as to weighing the actual accident? So let’s get this right, the very cops that write the tickets now have a more complicated system than before on the crashes? Give me a break, if anything all of this nonsense needs to be scaled back. Not more complications. Not one bit of CSA is actually working like they told us it would. Smells like another version of the ACA to me.

  • Kelly

    My comments were in regard to the earlier statement “Doubt that will happen, not any one of us who has real world and real life experience at least.” My point was that Tilden IS one of those with real world experience as a driver, and an O/O. He is willing to put his thoughts into a cogent argument and testify.

  • William McKelvie

    There are a lot of us willing to do the same. They picked someone from Washington state?? The proof will be in the pudding. But as I stated before the representation that OOIDA has sent to DC to speak for the rest of us has been a sub par representation. I personally don’t expect much more than that from them. Especially after the latest dealings with Ferro. The only way to stop DC, is to stop the trucks. Until then, nothing but TALK. I plan on going to MCSAC, are you? Anyone else?

  • g

    Big Money is behind all these RULES and Monitoring…if they dont pass it today….it will be soon is their AGENDA. Not LESS rulemaking..only MORE…we can fight and Protest but this WAR is being won by a HUGE adversary….like a Steam Roller….Billionaires are banded Together to Dominate….we have already lost so MUCH ground…they are knocking the legs out of our foundation with each passing day……The OLD DAYS are pretty much gone…Technology is here and is getting stronger…..and people are getting RICH by Mooching off the trucking industry….like Vutures on a Carcass….if Not Today….soon this industry will be a tool of the RICH. strives to maintain an open forum for reader opinions. Click here to read our comment policy.