How to prepare for a safety audit

| August 23, 2013

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  • No Reform

    Sounds like Extorsion. Notice the LARGE Fleets like CR England who has Alert Status for UNSAFE DRIVING and has 600 accidents (10% of the fleet) dont ever get an Audit??

  • martymarsh

    What ever happened to the presumption of innocent?
    What ever happened to unreasonable search and seizure, if I am innocent, presumably.
    The answer to this question and many more like them is simple. They are determined to keep the money wheel turning, and of course the auditor has to find violations to justify their job.
    To think that there is anyone out there that doesn’t want to be safe is way past moronic. There is to much aggravation because of accidents and breaking the law.
    How many companies actually want their drivers causing them grief? How many people start their day with the thought of creating havoc on the highways?
    Yes there is incompetence, but then everyone can’t know everything.
    As the owner of one truck, or even if it is 10, do I have to go out and hire 5 office workers just so I’m up on everything. That there is just one of the small ways they keep the money wheel turning. The harder you make it, the more people that is going to be needed to keep it under control.
    It certainly is not hard to see where these greedy minds are going with all of this. Push all of the little guys out so the big boys that also feed the rail get everything.
    The very simple fact that you can’t regulate rest should prove to everyone the games they are playing.
    Government is nothing more than organized crime, why do you suppose there was such a big push to get rid of the Mafia? Because they where taking to big of cut of the governments action, which would be taxes.
    All of the real criminals are in Washington, the ones that use safety as a money making tool.

  • Gary Holfstra

    You are uninformed as to how the CSA/SMS selection process works. I suggest you read the SMS Methodology available on FMCSA’s website. It explains how carriers of diffent sizes are selected for review based on the data, not just every time they have an accident. If they did that FMCSA mifght as well set up an office at all the big carriers and completely ignore everyone else.

  • Gary Holfstra

    You are presumed innocent, but if your roadside data indicates a possible problem then you are investigated-pretty simple. It is basic probable cause, just like running a red light will get you pulled over. If your drivers don’t run red lights your company won’t get pulled over.
    Compliance with FMCSA regulatory requirements isn’t all that difficult, I ran a 45+ driver company for several years and did everything myself. Checking logs is the most time consuming part but if you know what you are looking for it doesn’t take that long. Maybe 1/2hr a day depending on when they come in. But you do have to schedule time daily or you get behind and once that happens it piles up and you have a problem. Like most problems at smaller companies, time management is usually the issue. You do have to realize it is a business and manage appropriately.
    If you think the FMCSA is part of some big plot to keep the little guy down and the big guy on top then you are more than just a bit paranoid.

  • martymarsh

    Gary, that is all very amusing, and after 39 years in this business, I am far from paranoid. Take off the rose colored glasses and take a good long look at this crooked world. Of course if you are still in management that is not possible.

  • D.O.C.S

    I’ve attended numerous Operator License Audits Lancashire and I don’t think there’s a best way to prepare. strives to maintain an open forum for reader opinions. Click here to read our comment policy.