If you could do a plant tour, what would you like to see assembled?

Truckers News Staff | June 01, 2012


We did the Mack Truck tour in Pennsylvania. That was fun. We use to do a Harley Davidson run from York, Pa., to Kansas City, Mo., so I would say Harley.

— Christine F.

One of readers’ dream factory tours is to see Volvo trucks produced.

Harley Davidson. — Dhana A.

I’d like to see a locomotive assembly line.

— Greg R.

A rocket or a shipyard. — Raymond C.

Harley Davidson and Bush Beans. — Lisa P.

Marlboro. — Deere-Herberghs J.

Astin Martin. — Richard C.

Volvo. — Thomas S.

Peterbilt. — Tami R.

Peterbilt. — Chuck G.

Kenworth. — Jeremy F.

Navy shipyards. Commercial airplanes. Locomotives. “Area 51”! — Tom R.

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