Ronald Moore

Nominated by Christina Murphy, former girlfriend: “I love my trucker because he taught me so much about who truckers really are.”

Lee Daugherty

Nominated by Michelle Daugherty, wife, and Makaylea Daugherty, daughter

David Helfert

Nominated by Renee Helfert, wife: “I luv my trucker because he gives 100 percent all the time.”

Steven Thomas

Nominated by Ginnifer Thomas, spouse: “Steven works so many long hours on the road and away from home.”

Michael Winner

Nominated by Kimberlee Winner, wife: “I love my trucker because he is out there every day making a good honest living for our family.”

Phillip Gallagher

Nominated by Shannon, wife: “He always works really hard … “

Matt Sadler

Nominated by Sandra Perez, fiancée: “I love my trucker because he actually puts effort into me and our kids.”

Buddy Graben

Nominated by Cindy Jenkins, spouse: “He works hard and sacrifices so much for his family to provide for us.”

Casey Carl

Nominated by Becky Menard-Carl, wife: “My husband is an awesome truck driver, husband and father.”

Jason Cwach

Nominated by Mandy Cox, fiancee: “He has a good heart and is willing to help anyone with anything.”

Michael Page

Nominated by Marian Rice-Page, wife: “Cause he’s very sexy behind the wheel of a rig.”

Bill Black

Christina Jay, significant other: He’s the “most awesome, honest and reliable hardest working man.”

Bob Agri

Nominated by Patricia Roberts, ex-wife: Because we drove trucks all over back in the ’80s.

Robert Weir

Nominated by Dovie Callahan: “My dad taught me everything about trucks.”

Eric Hogue

Nominated by Ivan Mirandin, friend: “Because he’s cool and awesome.”

Jerry Lynch

Nominated by Mary Lynch, wife: “I love my trucker because he works very hard for his family.”

Sidney Parham

Nominated by Paula Jackson, girlfriend: “I love my trucker because he is by far one of the most loving and genuine people I have ever met.”

Jared Crawford

Nominated by Mary Crawford, mother: “I love my trucker because he has always been the most awesome son.”

Brian Myers

Nominated by Stephanie Myers, wife: He sacrifices every day for our family …

Bradley Koon

Nominated by Stacey Webb, wife: He’s a safe driver and always helps people he encounters in need …

James Stephens

Nominated by Darrell Lynn Rhodes, friend: “Been trucking since 50. Will help any one.”

Charles Redgrave

Nominated by Michelle Beckum, fiancée: “I love my trucker because he is one amazing man.”

Gary Fowler

Nominated by Mary Jo Elddine, wife: “I trained with Gary and I believe that he instills good driving safety to each and every student that he has trained.”

Josh Giesbrecht

Nominated by Allie Knight, best friend: “My life has been forever changed by this man and I cannot thank him enough.”

Bucike Ford

Nominated by Lisa Baker, friend: “She does everything legal down to her logs.”

Ken Becker

Nominated by Tonya Bellinger, significant other: “I love him cause he is a hard worker and a good man and dad.”

Mike Bradford

Nominated by Jen Horton, daughter: “I love my trucker because he’s always there for me, whether he’s on the road or not.”

Terry Zuber

Nominated by Mary Zuber, wife: “I love my trucker because I have been married to this incredible man for 18 years … “

Darrell Doss

Nominated by Kim Doss, wife: “He is wonderful. He is committed to his job. He is considerate of others.”

Cheryl Disotell

Nominated by Jeanie Barker, friend: Cheryl is a “friend who has been with me in very difficult times.”

Michael Kurtz

Nominated by Dorinda Rose, fiancée: “I love my trucker because he is a hard working and determined man.”

Willliam (Rusty) Lee

Nominated by Laura Keith, employer: Rusty donated one of his loads to a driver whose wife had died.

Marcelo Alaniz

Nominated by Elia Alaniz, mother: “He is one of a kind. Drives day and night.”

Ray Cole

Nominated by Joshua Cole, son: “He is very knowledgeable about trucks, driving, just trucking in general.”

David Lambert

Nominated by Kerri LeMay, wife: “I love my trucker because he is one of the most hardworking, selfless and caring men that I know.”

Steve Nissley

Nominated by Edith Nissley, wife: “We love our trucker because he’s a genuine and loving family man.”

Jared Crawford

Nominated by Abigail Crawford, wife: He is such a hard worker! …

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