Casey Carl

Nominated by Becky Menard-Carl, wife: “My husband is an awesome truck driver, husband and father.”

Eric Hogue

Nominated by Ivan Mirandin, friend: “Because he’s cool and awesome.”

Steven Thomas

Nominated by Ginnifer Thomas, spouse: “Steven works so many long hours on the road and away from home.”

Ken Becker

Nominated by Tonya Bellinger, significant other: “I love him cause he is a hard worker and a good man and dad.”

David Helfert

Nominated by Renee Helfert, wife: “I luv my trucker because he gives 100 percent all the time.”

Mike Bradford

Nominated by Jen Horton, daughter: “I love my trucker because he’s always there for me, whether he’s on the road or not.”

Terry Zuber

Nominated by Mary Zuber, wife: “I love my trucker because I have been married to this incredible man for 18 years … “

Bill Black

Christina Jay, significant other: He’s the “most awesome, honest and reliable hardest working man.”

Steve Nissley

Nominated by Edith Nissley, wife: “We love our trucker because he’s a genuine and loving family man.”

Jerry Lynch

Nominated by Mary Lynch, wife: “I love my trucker because he works very hard for his family.”

James Stephens

Nominated by Darrell Lynn Rhodes, friend: “Been trucking since 50. Will help any one.”

Josh Giesbrecht

Nominated by Allie Knight, best friend: “My life has been forever changed by this man and I cannot thank him enough.”

Matt Sadler

Nominated by Sandra Perez, fiancée: “I love my trucker because he actually puts effort into me and our kids.”

Gary Fowler

Nominated by Mary Jo Elddine, wife: “I trained with Gary and I believe that he instills good driving safety to each and every student that he has trained.”

Robert Weir

Nominated by Dovie Callahan: “My dad taught me everything about trucks.”

Phillip Gallagher

Nominated by Shannon, wife: “He always works really hard … “

Bucike Ford

Nominated by Lisa Baker, friend: “She does everything legal down to her logs.”

Lee Daugherty

Nominated by Michelle Daugherty, wife, and Makaylea Daugherty, daughter

Ronald Moore

Nominated by Christina Murphy, former girlfriend: “I love my trucker because he taught me so much about who truckers really are.”

Brian Myers

Nominated by Stephanie Myers, wife: He sacrifices every day for our family …

Ray Cole

Nominated by Joshua Cole, son: “He is very knowledgeable about trucks, driving, just trucking in general.”

Willliam (Rusty) Lee

Nominated by Laura Keith, employer: Rusty donated one of his loads to a driver whose wife had died.

Buddy Graben

Nominated by Cindy Jenkins, spouse: “He works hard and sacrifices so much for his family to provide for us.”

Michael Kurtz

Nominated by Dorinda Rose, fiancée: “I love my trucker because he is a hard working and determined man.”

Darrell Doss

Nominated by Kim Doss, wife: “He is wonderful. He is committed to his job. He is considerate of others.”

Michael Winner

Nominated by Kimberlee Winner, wife: “I love my trucker because he is out there every day making a good honest living for our family.”

Marcelo Alaniz

Nominated by Elia Alaniz, mother: “He is one of a kind. Drives day and night.”

Jared Crawford

Nominated by Mary Crawford, mother: “I love my trucker because he has always been the most awesome son.”

Michael Page

Nominated by Marian Rice-Page, wife: “Cause he’s very sexy behind the wheel of a rig.”

Charles Redgrave

Nominated by Michelle Beckum, fiancée: “I love my trucker because he is one amazing man.”

Jared Crawford

Nominated by Abigail Crawford, wife: He is such a hard worker! …

David Lambert

Nominated by Kerri LeMay, wife: “I love my trucker because he is one of the most hardworking, selfless and caring men that I know.”

Cheryl Disotell

Nominated by Jeanie Barker, friend: Cheryl is a “friend who has been with me in very difficult times.”

Bob Agri

Nominated by Patricia Roberts, ex-wife: Because we drove trucks all over back in the ’80s.

Jason Cwach

Nominated by Mandy Cox, fiancee: “He has a good heart and is willing to help anyone with anything.”

Bradley Koon

Nominated by Stacey Webb, wife: He’s a safe driver and always helps people he encounters in need …

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