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Industry at Sea event sails in Sept.

| June 26, 2014

Industry at Sea logoThe Industry at Sea event, hosted by the Small Business in Transportation Coalition, will set sail September 12 from Port Canaveral, Florida, aboard Royal Carribean’s “Enchantment of the Seas” vessel. Intended as an event to bring together “property broker, agent, forwarder, shipper, carrier, owner-operator and industry supplier colleagues for a three-night networking cruise,” according to the event website, attendance comes with no registration fee for SBTC dues-paying members ($25 annually), only cost of the cruise itself. 

James Lamb, SBTC head and volunteer president of the Association of Independent Property Brokers and Agents small-business-broker league, says the cruise line’s cabin hold for the event will expire June 30. Best rates are likely to be garnered by those booking a spot before that deadline. 

This marks the second year for Industry at Sea — last year, says Lamb, the event was “mainly focused on broker attendance as an AIPBA event, and too many members couldn’t break away for three days at sea. This year, we have widened the net via SBTC and are hoping for greater trucker, carrier and shipper presence.”


Transparent ‘new deal’ for independents using brokers?

How might more rate transparency in broker/owner-operator negotiations help drivers all throughout the industry?'s James Lamb believes quite a lot...

Lamb has been active in recent months promoting greater transparency in the transportation business, particularly as regards brokers’ percentage take of line-haul rates. At his informational session held at the Mid-America Trucking Show, he engaged independent owner-operators on the subject and encouraged involvement in the SBTC to foster greater collaboration, better relationships among brokers, shippers and carriers. 

Subjects covered in the official event program include partnering with factors, load-board marketplace innovation, broker bonding and insurance options and more. 

Find full booking details and schedule via the event website. 

  • guest

    A CRUISE??? for truckers?? are you kidding?? This is for Rich Shippers and Brokers…purposely leaving OUT trucker objections to anything..coz we can AFFORD any CRUISE and sure wont be taking 3 days off tohang with Millionaires??? These WEALTHY trucking parasites just had a party at La Jolla….too much money for any trucker who stays at MOTEL 6 while these Parsites live it up??? What the hell is WRONG with THIS picture??? Awhile back they were at RITZ CARLTON, Naples Florida?? Gee truckers might NOT make the scene??? Thanks millionaires…..make some more rules for the chump/slave/driver to OBEY while you are at the “meeting”.

  • guest

    They dont WANT any truckers butting in to their speeches abouthow they will get richer….hence the”CRUISE”…out to SEA???? Trucks dont really drive on the SEA….so for Sure no dumb trucker will be offering his opinion in this Rich Man Secret Meeting Place….no trucker can AFFORD any “CRUISE”??? You MUST be kidding….this is all about RICH people and THEIR interests.

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  • James P. Lamb

    Industry at Sea Show Management is pleased to announce the attendance of trucker advocates Allen and Donna Smith of Truth About Trucking at Industry at Sea.

  • James P. Lamb

    You must have missed this article Todd wrote:

    Truckers interested in making more money that can attend really should to learn about the New Deal. Cabins are offered from $329 pp (prices are going up so lock in your rate now). strives to maintain an open forum for reader opinions. Click here to read our comment policy.