Infographic: Owner-operators inspected four times more often than largest fleets

An infographic posted on Overdrive sister site CCJ — and part of Overdrive‘s yearlong CSA’s Data Trail series — shows some of CSA’s most disparate data by pointing out the four to one ration in which owner-operators are inspected, compared to large fleet drivers, and the much higher out-of-service rate of independent drivers and independents’ trucks. Click through the image below for the full infographic.

infographic tease

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  • No Reform

    Sure..Mega Fleets Lobby everday in Washington DC. to protect their Interests….the little guy is a Target…cops always go after the little companies…Companies like Werner have alot of retired State Patrol in their SAFETY DEPT…these big companies have pree pass too…like the UNION Companies they get waved thru most of the time.

  • D.P.McGee

    You don’t have to be a rocket scientest to see what’s taking place…

  • martymarsh

    Put the little guy out of business and then the business is all yours. They are doing a pretty good job at it too.

  • rich

    BUt ann fero wants a level playing field , lying sack of …..

  • George Gaither

    When the government is involved the field is never level, think about it, to support the railroad lobby the DOT and hours of service was started.

  • Superior

    Not true….I only have four trucks……I do keep them well maintained and the drivers keep them clean. As a group we were inspected only once in the last two years. Being placed out of service is YOUR FAULT…not theirs. Look at some of the crap that’s working out here, they deserve to be placed out of service.

  • marauder

    As an Owner/Operator driving an older truck (1998 Century Class) into California I was inspected once a month every year I drove there. Be it Level 3, 2 or 1, it was every month. I commented many, many times to the CHP about their discrimination and they alway replied, “Totally Random Selection”. Yet I see big company truck with a “5” or “7” on their windshield indicating that their last inspection was 2005 or 2007. Most like WalMart have no stickers. When asked about that, cops say, “well they have their own safety program”. Yeah, well so do I…it called discrimination!

  • Diesel_Dog

    B.S. It’s not your fault when you buy new straps and 10 miles down the road the you pull through the scales and get pulled because the Chinese made shit has already started coming apart, But be a safe operator you have another which you replace it with. Only to be written up using three different codes for the same violation and causing three OOS violations instead of one or better yet Correction was made on the spot.

  • Diesel_Dog

    I thought O/O have a safety program. I guess we need OOIDA to come up with a sticker like the Mega fleets have for the O/O.

  • Diesel_Dog

    Just more Big Government, See the more Regulations they come up with for the O/O the more DOT Officers they need to enforce them, Job security.

  • Mark French

    Yes, lets get the little guys! Is this policy sponsored by the big company’s?

  • No Reform

    Gestapo Tactics….Big Money companies have a Voice…the little guy gets abused by cops and everyone else.

  • No Reform

    Anne Ferro is just a pawn…..she does what she is TOLD….her puppet masters make up the game.

  • No Reform

    Naturally….who else?

  • No Reform

    Yep that is a growth industry..INSPECTING the trucks…Government Jobs….benefits 8 hour shift…they just laugh and make jokes about truckers.

  • dan

    It’s your fault for buying the cheapo straps then. Whole lot of shifting blame going on.

  • steve

    If you drive a dirty white Volvo you will roll right on through the scale, that is well known. The sadder fact is that nothing is done about it.

  • No Reform

    I agree with the DOG…those cops are such complete and absolute DICKS..they wont stop until they have a whole page ofcrap written up against the working man…while they LEACH a fat government check and benefits and retirement and UNION wage..they really SUCK the extra large in my opinion…worthless parasites. strives to maintain an open forum for reader opinions. Click here to read our comment policy.