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International ProStars recalled over fuel tank issue

| December 20, 2013
International ProStar

International ProStar

Navistar says it is recalling nearly 3,000 model year 2013-2014 International ProStar sleeper cab trucks manufactured Dec. 12, 2012, through Aug. 8, of this year, equipped with feature code 16XSA, 16XSB, 16XSC or 16XSD chassis skirts.

The company says the rear chassis skirt upper horizontal support S-bracket may rub the fuel tank causing a hole in the tank in affected units.

Navistar says it will notify owners and dealers will reinstall the chassis skirt with proper clearance, free of charge and, if necessary, the fuel tank will be replaced. The recall – number 13517 – should begin by January 20, Navistar says.

  • Vrahnos

    At least they are trying to keep folks happy.They got my vote.

  • John Scott

    Well the wonderful roads they run on don’t help. I basically give a truck 500,000 miles and its pretty much a money pit after that. Either fixing emission related issues or engine management issues.

  • norman out

    Give me a late 90s 379 with a CAT strives to maintain an open forum for reader opinions. Click here to read our comment policy.