Overdrive‘s Salute to Truckers

| October 09, 2001


May was an exciting month for a select group of U.S. Xpress drivers. At the sixth-annual Million-Miler banquet, 30 members of the U.S. Xpress driving team were inducted into the Million-Miler club, an exclusive group of U.S. Xpress drivers who have surpassed the million-mile mark while maintaining excellent safety records.

“Inducting these drivers was a proud moment for us,” says Sherry Bass, vice president of Driver Services for U.S. Xpress. “With the new inductees, our Million-Miler club boasts an incredible number of 120 members.”

Another source of pride for U.S. Xpress is their group of driver-trainers, which are now referred to as the driver-finishers. Bass says that not just the name is changing, but the program itself has taken on a completely new look. “We have revamped the entire program, putting a lot more emphasis on the training that the student receives, as well as the trainer’s qualifications. This represents another group of our most elite drivers.”

The program as a whole is evolving to be consistent with the published standards for driver- finishers from the Professional Truck Driving Institute, the certifying body for driver-training programs. PTDI recently set these new standards by which trucking companies can now have their programs certified. U.S. Xpress hopes to have its program certified within the next 12 months.

“Our driver finishers are great; they have the difficult and sometimes daunting task of bringing new people into the industry. Their attitudes and behaviors are being cloned to the new entry-level drivers. Their task is really providing for the future of the industry.”
U.S. Xpress appreciates its fleet of quality drivers. If you’re a part of the U.S. Xpress family, you are part of what has made U.S. Xpress successful through your safe, on-time delivery. Thanks for the great job you do!

If you are interested in more information about the many great driving opportunities available with U.S. Xpress for teams, solos, independent contractors or students, call them today at (800) 879-7737 www.usxpress.com.

Werner Appreciates You – The American Trucker

Once again, Werner Enterprises had another outstanding year. Werner continues to prove year after year that it is a company that believes its success is determined by the success of its drivers. This commitment to driver achievement creates a professional environment that provides support, while allowing drivers to set and attain their personal career goals.

Werner Enterprises strives to improve the level of satisfaction as it relates to each driver’s needs in relation to his or her job. For example, Werner Enterprises recently introduced another technological first for its drivers with the “Driver Satisfaction Index.” This program continually reviews each driver on a load-by-load basis to determine what, if anything, is causing them to be less than satisfied with their daily job. The index is established by the driver and issues are addressed with each driver.

Werner’s proactive approach to ensure driver success is what keeps its numerous driver trainers on the road with students each day. This devotion to driver training and support has made a tremendous difference in the satisfaction, dedication and success of its drivers. Presently, Werner employs 7,500 company drivers and 1,300 owner-operators. Of these drivers, 353 are 1-million-mile drivers, nine are 2-million-milers and two are 3-million-milers. In the past year, Werner had more than 600 new members enter its 50K club. (These are drivers who earned more than $50,000 last year.) And the impressive number of accident- free drivers, 3,040, shows Werner’s emphasis and No.1 concern – SAFETY.

Werner’s unique management philosophy recruits drivers who want to experience a perfect balance of independence and professional mentoring, allowing them the freedom to create and control their own careers.

During this driver appreciation week, Werner Enterprises would like to thank its drivers and all professional drivers who travel America’s highways every day.

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