Irregular ratings: CSA snafus

| July 02, 2012

“It’s tough for the fleets that operate heavily in the states with more violations per inspection,” he says. “All other things constant, your scores are going to be much worse.”

Sant also says that while he and his fleet agree with the premise of CSA, everything embodied within the program should relate to safety, not compliance.

“If there are rules that have no statistical correlation to crashes, why are they regulations?” Sant asks. “I think the industry is really concerned, and justifiably so. What we’re seeing are things that indicate CSA is not, in many ways, as effective as it was touted to be.”

Sant says carriers like Knight risk getting caught up in trying to comply with CSA regulations rather than managing safety. “If compliance detracts from the focus on safety, is it really serving the interests of safety?” he asks. strives to maintain an open forum for reader opinions. Click here to read our comment policy.