More detail on driver stuck in a Mexico jail

Phil Madsen | April 22, 2012

I learned today more about the U.S. truck driver who mistakenly drove into Mexico with a load of ammunition. Learned by reading news reports.

Diane and I woke up this morning at the TA truck stop in Eloy, Ariz., where we spent the night. We are on a run from Texas to California. We made a fuel stop in Eloy, showered, use the RV dump station, got the truck washed and bought a root beer float before leaving.

As Diane drove, I continued reading everything I could find about Demco Express employee Jabin Akeem Bogan. I have no knowledge of this story beyond the news reports. For whatever reason, the story of this U.S. truck driver who now sits in a Mexican jail and has no attorney has captured my interest.

Rather than restate the details, I’ll post links to the news stories here. While this blog entry is dated April 22, I will maintain continuity by adding links to subsequent news stories and my comments in this space as they develop.

4/17/12: 268k rounds of ammo seizure leads to arrest or U.S. truck driver in Juarez

4/18/12: Update

4/19/12: Boss: driver took wrong turn into Juarez with ammo

4/20/12: Trucker in ammo case taken to Mexico City

4/23/12: Ex-ATF agent: Ammo load should have been stopped

4/23/12: Mexico will press charges against U.S. trucker in ammo case

4/24/12: Mother of Dallas trucker in Mexico jail fights for son’s return

4/24/12: Trucker will face anti-gun charges in Mexico

4/24/12: US truck driver that took ammo into Mexico not charged at this time

  • Ginger

    This story and this young man is in our prayers. Hopefully he will return home soon.

  • Porter M. Corn

    5/25/2012…. FMCSA issued a cease and dsist order against DEMCO shutting them down as an imminent hazard to public safety.

    For once, FMCSA is on the ball.

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  • Gasoline alley

    Jabin Bogin has been in jail in a most vile place for almost a year now, my if only the shoe was on the other foot, how could we here in the US accomodate the poor illegal!!!!!! We should all think this through,

    getting lost has happened to all of us, and as others have mentioned to me the “spagehetti bowl” where Mr. Bogin was detained is a real hum dinger, in better words a mess!! Add to that a giant rig, as I’ve heard it happens to truck drivers often enough, if they have time to get on a radio or check a computer
    they can right their mistake, but don’t think that happened this time, and no one wants to challenge the Federales??????Well I bet that no one not even Jabin’s attorney has given these apes enough money, that’s all they worship down there, as in any third world country the American dollar speaks volumnes,

    let’s hope this poor young man can be released soon and sooner, before the holidays as he doesn’t deserve this, I’m sure the jail he’s in is a reall snake pit. How much does it take dollar wise to buy off these
    disgusting and vile excuses for human beings? strives to maintain an open forum for reader opinions. Click here to read our comment policy.

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