More detail on driver stuck in a Mexico jail

Phil Madsen | April 22, 2012

The biggest question I have is, why has this man’s employer not hired an attorney to defend his employee and help get him back into the USA? Depending on the charge, he faces up 35 years in prison if convicted. He was employed by Demco, driving their truck, serving their customers, helping the company make money. Now, in his hour of need, the company seems to be leaving him alone in Mexican jails without representation.

The man’s plight sticks in my mind. He is alone and being transferred from one jail to another. He is being interrogated by Mexican federal authorities. I cannot imagine what his thoughts and feelings must be at this time. What would go through your mind if it was you? What would it be like to ponder your circumstances for an hour, and then do so again six hours later in the same cell, and again several days later? No phone. No freedom. Little if any contact with the outside world. He needs an attorney to make his case and does not have one. That is not right.


According to the 4/24/12 El Paso Times story, Dennis Mekenye is the owner of Arlington-based Demco Transportation, Inc. and Bogan’s boss. He is reported to have said that said that Bogan has no attorney representing him in Mexico at this time and “[Bogan's] mom is not in an (economic) position to hire anybody.”

The trucking company name is reported elsewhere as Demco Express and I do not know which is correct or if both are correct, but Mekenye is consistently named as a person in authority at the company and Bogan’s boss. It shocks and troubles me that Demco is not hiring an attorney to represent their driver.

It seems clear from the news reports that this was a legitimate shipment destined for Arizona and that Bogan’s entry into Mexico with an ammunition laden truck was accidental, not intentional. It is absolutely clear that MeKenye believes that to be the case.

So why is it that MeKenye is leaving their driver without representation in a Mexico jail? Since Bogan’s mother lacks the means to hire an attorney (and even if she had the means), why is Demco not doing so?


ABC News reported on 4/27/12 that Bogan’s mother said that an El Paso based lawyer had been hired to represent Bogan. It was not clear from the report who hired him or what exactly he was hired to do.