Is trucking ready for more freight? ATA says so, despite infrastructure hazards

| April 11, 2013

The expanded Panama Canal is set to open in 2015 and is expected to bring with it an abundance of freight for the U.S. trucking industry.

How ready is the industry to take on the challenge?

According to American Trucking Associations Vice Chairman Phil Byrd, the trucking industry is capable of taking on the extra work load, in spite of the need for expanded and improved infrastructure nationwide.

Byrd says that “crumbling infrastructure” will have an impact on the amount and the ability of trucking to increase its workload, as will tightening federal regulations — like the hours of service rule changes set to be implemented this summer — an alleged driver shortage and the ability of trucks to get in and out of ports efficiently.

The Panama Canal expansion is expected to double the amount of freight carried through the canal.

For more on the story, see Overdrive sister site CCJ‘s report.

  • Mike Jones

    There is no Shortage of Drivers..this CLAIM by the ATA has them Sponsering and Lobbying for AMNESTY….so they can get those 11Million illegal aliens a CDL and onboard with Mega Fleets pronto!!!! Their TRUE belief at the ATA is there is a SHORTAGE of LOW PAID drivers…..THIS is the DREAM of the Mega Fleets..who OWN the ATA…….to get these Illegals AMNESTY……goodbye American Trucker when this is Voted in this summer…………these AMNESTY Truckers will work for peanuts and the Mega Fleets are counting the minutes till they BOOT higher paid Americans out the Door.

  • Kenneth R. Bevel

    ok here is the same ole story,,,with the same ole answer ,,,,park ur truck for two weeks and take a vacation,,,,,,,everybody and share with america what it meens to have no trucks on the road,,,this has been argued for oh lets say ever since I was a young boy, dereg was the worst thing that ever happened to the trucking world,,,, brought in every person that wanted to drop the freight rate and be a trucker,,,,,problem nobody will stick together

  • EF McHenry

    I fully agree with Mike Jones! But I’d like to add, The American Trucking Association has been behind every single piece of new trucking policy and rule that has been a attack on the driver and smaller competition.They have been behind the Mexican Cross Border programs too. The ATA has been at it for years with other FMCSA heads(John Hill and Mary Peters). It is my opinion that entities like transplace are also monopolistic type violations of anti-trust laws. It is my opinion that even though ATA member carriers are legally operating these arrangements today, it’s wrong, monopolistics, crony capitalistic( allowed by govt), and anti free-market!

    If you google American Trucking Association on wikipedia under the category Policies, the under Safety, you will see the ATA want 65mph max truck speed, mandatory seatbelt laws, red-light cameras, clearing house for drug and alcohol.

    Under sustainability, they are for all intents and purposes, ENVIRONMENTALISTS! That’s right, don’t by into the ”O those environmental Wacko B.S. jargon” on conservative talk radio that environmentalists are educated bleeding heart hippy liberals that are pushing attack policies on corpoeation and business!! IT’S A LIE!! It’s these corporations doing it against their competition PERIOD!

    I’m starting to believe there are two classes of drivers out there: those like Mike Jones who know what is REALLY going on and they’re not afraid to say it, and the rest of you who are STUCK ON STUPID!

  • mike jonz

    There is a shortage of drivers who will settle for the measley 70 hr rule.Its a joke where is the ata?We need to drive 14 a day>Whats the diff if you put twelve in local and turn wrenches part time or drive 14?Or sit for three then finish up your full ticket?Simplify make the 70 hours eighty with a 48 hr reset that’s what it is anyways by the time they get you going.Most truckers are rounding up anyways when they bitch hey im doing double hours so my 40000 is really 20000 at a regular job so make it a even eighty make Obama say no to the teamsters etc again.Go east coast and your hours evaporate your mileage no wonder it bred jerks who osha reported trucking firms into fear of standing up to eobrs and giving decent runs etc . strives to maintain an open forum for reader opinions. Click here to read our comment policy.