Just in time

James Jaillet | July 01, 2012

As for potential growth, Cox says the company expects year over year growth naturally, but isn’t opposed to the idea of looking for sources outside of the company.

“We are constantly seeking out opportunities internally and externally to not only grow Best Cartage, but to grow all of our business units,” he says. “Sometimes it’s hard to put a percentage on it, but we are going to take opportunities as they arise. With a new account or a small acquisition, you can grow 50 percent pretty quick.”


Best Cartage

Location: Kernersville, N.C.

Founded: 1982

Primary Freight: Corrugated boxes

Number of Drivers: 150

Number of Trucks: 132

Area of operation: Five-state area around North Carolina

Contact: http://www.bestcartage.com

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