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| September 22, 2009

Among games in Jolt Online’s stable are the fantasy-world Legends of Zork (www.legendsofzork.com) and Utopia Kingdoms (www.utopiakingdoms.com) games, and Abbott says the “free-to-play gaming market is growing very rapidly. What we’re trying to do is provide people with free, persistent games that they can play through any Internet browser, which provides them a continuous adventure or experience.”

Special Delivery Trucker right on time to deliver his own baby- by Deirdra Drinkard
After nine years’ experience behind the wheel of a long-haul truck, Navajo Express driver Shawn Giegerich understands the importance of being on time. And on July 14, his timing was perfect as an unexpected Coors delivery gave him an overnight stay at home, which led to another unexpected delivery – that of his baby daughter, Faith.

Shawn’s wife, Amy, was to be induced three days later, when Shawn would be away. But little Faith could not wait; she wanted to meet her daddy first thing. “I just happened to swing by, and it just so happened the Lord blessed us by me being home,” Shawn says.

At 3:02 that morning, Amy went into labor. With no time to make it to the hospital, Shawn called 911. With the help of the operator, Shawn made the most precious delivery of his life in a matter of minutes. Faith came into the world less than 15 minutes after Amy went into labor.

Though it was a swift delivery, the journey did come across a bumpy road. Soon after birth, Faith stopped breathing and began to turn purple. “It went from being all excited she was here and then excited because we delivered the baby to panic because she turned purple,” Amy says.

Still on the phone with the 911 operator, Shawn received immediate instruction to begin rubbing the baby’s back with a towel. Baby Faith soon began breathing again.

After that experience, Amy hails Shawn as the family hero, to which Shawn responds that no, he was just the catcher. “It’s not something every father gets to do,” Shawn says. “I’ve been there to cut the umbilical cord on my other children, but this was different. It was a very special moment for me, and my daughter and I will have a special bond from the experience.”

Balancing precious time, Shawn escorted his wife and baby to the hospital for professional medical attention, then went to work and made his delivery to Colorado Springs. “I still had an on-time delivery,” Shawn says. “I’m on time, every time.”

Sombrero Brothers Owner-operators Dennis and Dean Johnson garner attention not only for
headgear choice but the commitment of true fans
– by Deirdra Drinkard

Dennis and Dean Johnson aren’t just twin owner-operators who drive team and share a passion for NASCAR. They are the “Sombrero Brothers” featured in Amp Energy’s television commercial in support of Dale Earnhardt Jr.

Days before the Daytona 500 in 2007, the brothers were passing through Laredo, Texas, on a delivery when a particular variety of red sombrero caught their attention. They bought one for each and continued down the road.

Traveling consumes most of the Johnson brothers’ time, because when they aren’t delivering loads they travel across the country to attend NASCAR races in support of Earnhardt Jr. “We’re Dale Jr. fans because we’re Dale Jr. fans,” Dennis says. They know a lot about the man. The brothers sent Earnhardt a gift addressed to “Ralph Dale Earnhardt” and later received a letter from Earnhardt signed “Ralph Dale Earnhardt,” which Dennis says is “his actual name.”

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