Just Your Truckin' Luck

| September 22, 2009

Sporting their sombreros, the brothers attended almost every race in the 2007 NASCAR season.

It was the sombreros that caught the attention of Amp Energy reps at numerous NASCAR races. “We were wearing our red sombreros [at a race], and a guy from Amp came up to us and asked us if we would go green,” Dennis says.

Now sporting the green sombreros, the Johnsons traveled to Atlanta to film a television commercial with Amp that also featured Dale Earnhardt Jr. The commercial “even featured our truck,” Dennis says proudly of their owned-and-operated 1996 Freightliner. The commercial first aired in movie theaters, Dennis says, and it later began running nationwide on television. It still can be seen on YouTube.

But Dean and Dennis still have not met Dale Jr. – The “Junior” in the commercial was a life-size cutout of Earnhardt sporting his own green sombrero and sitting behind the brothers as they traveled down the road in their truck.

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