Keeping up down under

| November 03, 2005

With greased bearings, routine maintenance means a regular inspection for any grease leakage. Remember, leakage onto brake linings means you’re out of service. Check your owner’s manual for the interval at which these bearings need to be disassembled, packed with fresh grease, and properly reassembled with new seals. These are precision operations that challenge even an experienced technician.

Here (see next page) is the axle spindle that forms the inner bearing surfaces, and the inner and outer bearings, for one type of greased wheel bearing system.

Our experts pointed out that there are a number of long-life greased wheel bearing systems on the market. Check your owner’s manual for maintenance intervals by type of bearing and seal system. With the long-life systems, an inspection for leakage and bearing play may be all that is required on a regular basis until you reach very high miles.

For all these bearing systems, however, maintenance by the book is critical because a failure can mean a wheel off, a trucker’s worst nightmare.

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