Keller launches e-log tablet

| August 29, 2013

Keller Compliance TabletJ. J. Keller & Associates has partnered with Verizon to offer the Compliance Tablet, a mobile device with Keller’s patented E-Log technology built in, available October 1, 2013. The device is a 7-inch Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 pre-loaded with J. J. Keller Mobile applications and is covered by Verizon’s 4G network. Approximately the size of a typical paper logbook, the tablet features an interface designed to enable drivers to input hours-of-service information quickly and easily, the company says. A pre-programmed Roadside Inspection mode displays only the last seven days of logs, allowing drivers to simply hand the tablet to enforcement officers with no security concerns.

The tablet is “locked down” to keep drivers from loading non-approved applications, and is also designed to become inoperable while the vehicle is in motion. All program enhancements such as HOS regulatory changes are done through automatic updates and never require hardware swap-outs.

For fleets and owner-operators who prefer to utilize their own (or their drivers’) smartphones or tablets, Keller also offers a “BYOD” (Bring Your Own Device) option.  J. J. Keller Mobile applications are compatible with more than 40 Android devices, and communicate with Keller’s ELD/EOBR in the same seamless manner. Customers can use the BYOD option exclusively, or may choose to utilize a mixture of Compliance Tablets and other mobile devices within the same fleet.

  • Mike Smith

    There should be a video that shows how this thing works.

  • Andrea Sitler PhD DsC

    DOT officers love these. In an audit last week, JJ Keller scanable and e-logs were the preferred log options per the auditor. So much so that that auditor asked if Keller would supply them with a log scanner. Great way to beat form and manner violations and avoid fines. Simple and easy to use. It is a wonderful product!

    Keller does provide demo upon request.

  • William McKelvie

    Why do they love them Andrea? Because they do not have to deal with the language barrier with foreign drivers, and or they believe the manure sold to joe public, with help from those so called safety groups, that an eobr keeps a driver compliant at all times? Did you know that most companies that are on HOS alerts are on that list because of form and manner mistakes. Yeah, like no DOT officer ever makes a typo error huh? Yeah and neither does any other gvt official either.

  • Andrea Sitler PhD DsC

    Nothing will keep a driver compliant that does not wish or try to be compliant. An ELD does allow those who wish to be compliant to avoid form and manner violations. As you pointed out and I had stated; they are the most frequent of violations. While everyone makes mistakes, a driver and their company can be fined for their mistakes. ELD help drivers and companies to avoid these fines. They may help foreign drivers as an added perk but the purpose to inform the driver when they are compliant, warn when they are nearing an HOS violation and avoiding of F/M violations. These ideas are well done with a quality ELD such as the Keller one discussed in this article.

  • guest

    Compliance Tablet?? Sounds Hitlerian…
    OBEY!! CONFORM! COMPLY…..all drivers STOP for

  • guest

    Sure…wonderful for YOU to use…….We already have Satelite tracking…we NEED these babysitting “tablets” too?? More Monitoring on the way…probably should SYNCH the Dash Camera Photo of the Driver actually Logging In with the
    COMPLIANCE TABLET??? beatings for those who disobey???

  • guest

    Orwellian Nightmare with all these MONITORING gadgets…..actually hilarious when you think about it..
    COMPLIANCE tablet…..something from Star Wars…DRIVER!! Where is your COMPLIANCE TABLET!!!??? Hilarious Comedy…Sat Night Live stuff!!
    Driving without CONSTRAINTS!!??(seat belt)….JBS was able to RECTIFY their horrible CSA record by installing CAMERAS to WATCH their Maniacs!! ahahahah lol.

  • guest

    Keller is one of the Thousands of Yuppies lobbying in congress to get THEIR company’s latest GADGET installed in Trucks nationwide as part of a “MANDATE” for MONEY…ooops I mean “SAFETY”……..these kids are getting RICH if their PRODUCT is ordered into Millions of Trucks nationwide…..everyday these Techie Types and Manufacturers are thinking up new stuff that NEEDS to be Installed in a TRUCK for MONEY….oh I mena “SAFETY” of course of course……

  • William McKelvie

    Wrong, mistakes happen on ELDs as well. The BIG difference is DOT going after NON eobr/eld companies, and leaving the one’s running those stupid machines alone. THAT is the only reason their violation count has decreased. And are you going with what the big companies call them now, no longer EOBR but ELDs? Same stupid machine. Same dumbing down of the industry all in the name of putting money into someone’s pocket. Not a damned thing to do with real safety. Not one thing, the public has been given another Trojan horse by these so called safety advocates. Drivers HOS are still manipulated, every single day out here, yes with those EOBR or ELD machines.

  • Andrea Sitler PhD DsC

    EOBRs are now ELD (electronic logging devices). ELDs capture HOS. EOBR (electric onboard recorders) catch a variety of data. ELDs are much less invasive. Dispatchers who manipulate the data are being caught and fined as are their companies. Any company who cares about compliance, allows only supervisor or hire level employees to “edit” data with the proper data trail. This is becoming a huge enforcement issue during audits.

    Trucking has and is continuing you to change greatly over the past 30-50 years. So have the drivers. Today’s driver is a totally different breed than that of the seasoned vet. Electronic is playing a key role in all jobs these days. It has in trucking since the 80s but many did not see it since it was a “behind the scenes” black box of sorts.

    Companies are increasingly implementing dash cams. They are a variety of usage for these devices. Some can capture driving habits that help prove innocence during litigation. Others are a “spy tool” on driver behavior. The technology is not to blame. Application by the company is the issue.

    F/M violations that obscure the location is an issue. Not being able to read the numbers is an issue. Nonsensical violations such a forgetting your middle initial or a line that is not perfectly straight; are hassle violations, in my opinion. With ELD usage this info is per-populated and therefore removes this violation opportunity. Does this improve safety? Doubtful.

    But as in any PROFESSIONAL position (Are you not a professional driver???) – the job is not over until the paperwork is finished and filed properly. The same is true with logs, trip reports, maintenance records and so forth. Licensing and DOT med cards are also a part of your PROFESSIONAL qualifications. All must be in order or you not a qualified professional.

    Call it bureaucracy, politics or whatever you like but it is something we deal with in all lines of work. Even burger flippers have some sort of paperwork to deal with sooner or later.

    No one seems to like or embrace change. Yet it is the one thing that is ever constant. Have a safe day driver!

  • julian

    It is not about safety , IT IS REVENUE for goverment , j.j keller ,verizon , qualcom ,any other satelite provider .
    IT IS CONTROL ISSUE . Just implant a chip and You done .

  • myron taylor

    how much does it cost? what do we do when the piece of electronic junk breaks. run out and by another while the truck sits. what about my history in it for the last 7 days? you going to make my truck payment or $1200 per month health insurance payment when this piece of sh– won’t work. time to sell out.

  • Marvelous Marsupial

    I’m loving all the end of the world, animal farm/1984 tinfoil hattery coming from all these under educated damn near illiterate hicks.

    maybe IF so many thousands of you haven’t been caught lying on your paper logs, maybe IF so many thousands more haven’t blatantly admitted to falsifying your paper logs, maybe IF the government could trust you to use paper logs properly… you wouldn’t be in this rat trap you are now.

    There is nothing wrong with ELDs, they make your logging easier, and pain free. They keep you honest… it’s a fucking shame you couldn’t do that on your own. strives to maintain an open forum for reader opinions. Click here to read our comment policy.