Kevin Rutherford emphasizes clarity of mission, strategy at GATS Partners in Business

| August 25, 2014

Kevin Rutherford


Tale of two drivers at Partners in Business:

Todd Amen presented the latest in revenue/income averages and trends from ATBS' owner-operator clients, which continue to follow what's been happening over a decade now. ...

“You can’t always get what you want,” said Rutherford, walking up through the crowd on-hand for the second day of the annual Partners in Business seminar at the Great American Trucking Show in Dallas, Aug. 23. Following ATBS’ Todd Amen and Richard DeForest’s presentations of Aug. 22, Rutherford took attendees through two hours devoted to the big picture. Methods toward clarifying mission, goals and strategy — versus the details of the tactics he and so many of us are commonly focused on in business improvement — is not what owner-operators always want out of a two-hour seminar, but, as Rutherford riffed on the old Rolling Stones tune, it’s what more need in this day and age. 

In the brief podcast below, he introduces the talk with a focus on clarifying mission. What’s your business’ mission? Rutherford challenged attendees to define it via written goals and other methods, and to update those goals and the overall mission regularly.

“If you try sometimes, you just might find / You get what you need….” 

  • guest

    We have alot of illegal aliens competing for Loads and trucking jobs…I guess we NEED this Bullcrap??? Truckstops are Filled today with Foreigners talking some Foreign Language…..they arent obeying many LAWS we can bet on that…..however the American Trucker is documented from head to foot….and MUST appear in court for infractions because he has a REAL IDENTITY……these illegals are just here to MOOCH.

  • Steve

    While I did not attend this conference, after years of listening to his radio show, I can only imagine that the focus was on achieving 8.5 MPG so that you can pay your broker to let you haul for $1.95/mi and not go broke. For a while. As I understand Kevin is no longer a trucker, and when he was, he leased his trucks. Yes – get as good of mileage as you can afford (it ain’t cheap) and then try NOT to pay a broker for anything if you can avoid it. That 20% is your profit margin. If you have good equipment and do a good job, most any shipper would rather have you than a broker. After 35 years of trucking, I have seen a lot of ‘experts’ come and go. Most are not actually truckers for very long.

  • guest

    Must NEED to be punished and abused if you are a trucker today…it is worse than ever….you will end up with a Heart Attack. Maybe THAT is what ya need??

  • guest

    Yep these experts dont actually do any WORK…they are entertainers…motivational speakers….feel good jerks…..all a joke….lol

  • guest

    Its funny when they have these “Trucking Conferences” with the execs of mega fleets as “Speakers”..they are held at the Ritz Carlton….they mingle with other RIP OFF ARTISTS and know that no trucker is going to staying at a hotel like THAT on the crappy little PAY he gets. LOL

  • guest

    A “SEMINAR” huh… hilarious…lots of RICH “speakers” and radio talk show clowns with Feel Good Jive and lots of Rah Rah b.s. going on……its funny that somebody would actually attend such a thing….do they have to PAY MONEY to listento some NON TRUCKER spout abunch of Bullcrap??? How funny……the comedy continues…

  • Fred Flintstone

    Rutherford is a joke……

  • guest

    If Kevin Rutherford recommends it…It’s bad for “real” truckers. The guy’s a clown.

  • Mike Smith

    Trucking is a thing worse than being a NOMAD. At least NOMADS had their families whith them as the trekked through the landscape.

  • AW

    Whiny people! Kevin is a very intelligent man. I mean look at you guys bitching about him, he’s out there helping people while you act like a bunch of children on a webpage. Who really has the upper hand? At least Kevin is trying to help people and make a difference!

  • Barney Rubble

    I see the “bad asses” from Let’s Truck are back.

  • Jackie Wormley

    No the seminar wasn’t on fuel mileage. Not even close. It was about reading and understanding business reports. It was a free seminar. It’s a damn shame that some of you go to such great lengths to criticize him.

  • Ken

    Kevin is awesome! He is a tremendous help to the trucking industry. Always willing to help and share his knowledge. Highly recommend his seminars and listening to his radio show.

  • Jeff

    It just amazes me how these owner operators claim to be business people but think Kevin is a joke. As far as I can see he’s been very successful and calling thean a joke is shameful. Now I know everything he says isn’t attainable by everyone out there but every little bit helps right?

  • Mr Trenchcoat

    Those who say KR is a joke probably won’t get very far in life themselves. If you want to do better in the trucking Industry, listen to what he has to say. You don’t have to agree with it all but if you don’t, don’t insult the man, don’t attack him personally! Hes done more for this industry then probably all of us combined and for that, he has ny thanks!

  • Tim Conway

    Yeah, a million plus miles driving and decades in the industry, Kevin is just a rookie, right? I’ve seen experts come and go too. Kevin has been doing what he does for over ten years that I know of, and there’s no sign he’s on his way out quite yet… Nice try, but the facts don’t support your hate.

  • Tim Conway

    This coming from “Fred Flintstone”? LOL

  • Tim Conway

    Yeah, I want to take advice from broke a__ truckers at the lunch counter…

  • Tim Conway

    Tell us more about being a “real” trucker, Mr “Guest” AKA Too Afraid to Use His Real Name.

  • William Curtin

    He shut your troll ass down………..Looser…….

  • Stickboy

    A guy tries to help and look at you idiots. I’m a nubie, I know, and i get it. I’m sure I’m hauling cheap freight. But, my bank account is better than it EVER has been. Started off on what I think is the right foot. But, I have noticed that the ones complaining about hauling cheap freight aren’t the ones hauling it. Lol… Keep it up KR, I REALLY appreciate the help. As for the rest, well, there is a reason your a dying breed.

  • William Curtin

    Yeah it’s so funny, it’s got me laughing all the way to the bank……….

  • William Curtin

    Your right, following his advise will endanger your poverty………….

  • William Curtin

    Sheep are petty passive when you leave them alone, but get mean as snakes when you disturb them….

  • richard

    started listing to kevin about 5 years ago, i now average over 8.5 mpg have won driver of the year a my company (a new F150 pickup), picked up cash for driver of quarter, week, month, ect… so YES I LISTEN TO KEVEN AND EARN MORE MONEY BECASE OF IT!!! Thanks Kevin!!!! It was a free seminar !!!!

  • Scatpack

    The negative comments are from stupid drivers who would rather butch and moan than do something for themselves.

  • scatpack

    Um that’s bitch and moan….stupid auto correct.

  • Big Mike

    When it comes down right down to the $$$ a good business man has to weed through a lot of BS to find what works for him & makes him $$$ and what doesn’t. I have been doing this as an owner operator and as a company man for the past 23 years and I have made a good living. If you don’t like Kevin and what he is saying big deal move on and finds what works for you. But to sit around and call him names and bad mouth what he is doing is ridicules. Leave the guys alone that what to do and be better, run there business to be profitable, and enjoy listening to Kevin. What is the point in bitching and complaining? What does that solve? Its your truck drive it the way you want to and let me do the same.

  • Fred Flintstone

    Still living in your truck Billy?? You are a homeless dweller… Loser…..

  • Fred Flintstone

    Says the Rutherford lapdog…. LMAO !!!!

  • Ray Haight

    If your an O/O and you don’t work every day at minimizing your expenses while at the same time maximizing your revenue you are broke/struggling because of you, no one else. Kevin is a catalyst for O/O’s to be extremely successful, he throws it out there for everyone to learn and prosper from, an outstanding resource!

  • Mike Broaddus

    What did you do to piss off the whiners, Kevin Rutherford? These are the same flaccid fellows that keep complaining and blaming their sorry ass situation on others. Probably Democraps }:>

  • Mike Broaddus

    Says a cartoon character…..

  • Neanderthal Infidel

    Why engage the trolls. Why did I waste my time reading this. Its always the same old troll tripe. “I’m the best don’t even listen to KR”. Bla Bla and more. If you learned from KR great. You will never get anywhere with troll tripe. Let it lay there and don’t pay any attention to it and the attention whore will go away. SEE YA.

  • Wade Haught

    I’ve tried to listen, learn, and apply as much as I can from Kevin’s radio show. In the process, I’ve gained 2 mpg, paid off over $100,000 in credit card debt in 2 years, and laid the foundation for growing my company. I am greatly in Kevin’s debt.

  • Dave

    KR was never a driver that is total bullshit.. he owned two fedex trucks that ran dedicated routes out of FL. KR was a a bookkeeper and failed at that

  • Dave

    That is a common mis conception.. KR wa snever a trucker. He owned two fedex trucks that ran dedivated routes.. KR WAS A BOOKEEPER and is now a radio pimp for the low knowledgeable newbies in the industry.

  • Tim Conway

    Let’s see, should I trust a long time friend of mine on this, or should I trust an internet troll named Dave? Hmmmm, decisions, decisions…

    If it makes you feel better to hate that of which you know NOTHING, more power to you.

  • PureTexan

    Kevin and his 56 mph logic can take a hike

  • Dave

    Tim, I don’t hate I just don’t believe.. Please provide dates companies he drove for.. Maybe he even promoted Lease purchase.. waiting for someone who knew KR when he was driving. Hopefully he is not like the President where no one who was in his colleg classes remembers him.. some irrefutable proof is all it takes.

  • Dave

    Evidently the believers think no one was successful before the failed bookkeeper showed up.. I have shown a profit for over 40 years as an O/O I listened to KR by accident a few times and I have yet to hear an original idea.. everthing he promotes is someone else’s idea and KR tries to take credit. just another successful snake oil salesman for the fleece-purchase crowd strives to maintain an open forum for reader opinions. Click here to read our comment policy.