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‘Killer Truckers’ TV special on re-air

| August 17, 2013

If you didn’t have the opportunity to tune in to what many around the trucking industry feared would be a smear effort targeting the nation’s highway haulers, Investigate Discovery’s “Killer Truckers” television special reruns this morning on the cable channel at 10 a.m. Eastern and Pacific. It’s about the FBI’s Highway Serial Killings Initiative Database, which includes scads of murders (some solved) where remains or bodies were found along major highways.

The show purports to answer this question, as put by Sandi Soendker on the Land Line media blog: “Are predators drawn to trucking or does trucking create predators?” 

This FBI map of murder in the "Highway Serial Killings Initiative" databased was shared on Investigation Discovery's Facebook page concurrent with the premiere of "Killer Truckers" last weekend -- as of Friday morning, it had garnered 999 likes, 400-some-odd shares and more than 200 comments, many from truckers objecting to the wholesale tarring and feathering of the industry in the series' title.

This FBI map of murders plotted in the “Highway Serial Killings Initiative” database was shared on Investigation Discovery’s Facebook page concurrent with the premiere of “Killer Truckers” last weekend — as of Friday morning, it had garnered 999 likes, 400-some-odd shares and more than 200 comments, many from truckers objecting to the wholesale tarring and feathering of the industry in the series’ title. Follow this link to weigh in yourself.

Oh lord… 

One bright spot to come out of the show’s promotion is that drivers have been out in public forums in force commenting on news of the show to dispel the notion proffered at least by its title, which considered alone parades around like it wants to go ahead and throw the blame around for all those killings on an entire industry. 

Another part of that bright spot is inclusion throughout the story of bona fide advocates among the trucking community who recognize the problems and who are doing things about it — ID producers were on hand at last year’s Truck Driver Social Media Convention in Kansas City and, says driver and Truth About Trucking/ proprietor Allen Smith (also the convention’s organizer), without what the perspective the crew got at the show, “Killer Truckers” might likely have indeed come out as a one-sided smear fest. 

“The fact that they attended [the convention] allowed for the positive side of trucking to be a part of this airing. Had they not attended, there would be just the ‘Killer Truckers'” — without the overwhelming majority of good people out there represented.

As if confirming truckers' fears about the quality of the programming, in a segment dedicated to crimes against truckers, ID Investigates misspells truck-parking-advocate Hope Rivenburg's name.

In a segment dedicated to crimes against truckers, ID Investigates misspelled truck-parking-advocate Hope Rivenb – u – r – g’s name.

Smith is one of those, featured himself in segments about the Truckers Against Trafficking effort and trucking’s importance to American life, likewise Hope Rivenburg, Jason’s Rivenburg’s widow and a tireless advocate for drivers’ safe parking needs around the country. Too bad ID Investigates producers couldn’t get Rivenburg’s name right, spelling it “Rivenberg” in captions with the video (see still).

In any case, Smith’s partner in Truth About Trucking, his wife, Donna, says that she saw the show as reasonably balanced in nature. “The reality is that this does exist, and we can’t pretend that it doesn’t — some people are using the industry and their targets are prostitutes… [In the show], when Allen holds up the Truckers Against Trafficking card and points out how one trucker can save a life by just a single call — that’s just great” to have out in such a high-profile forum.

If you’ve seen the ID show, what did you think of it overall? Tell us in the comments. 

Speaking of the Truck Driver Social Media Convention — illness has prevented the Smiths from holding the convention this year, but they’re hopeful for a repeat in 2014. Stay tuned.

  • Cwbintennessee Michael Winton

    Shame on Investigation Discovery for making America hate truckers even more than they already do.

    We have to deal with crazies in cars on the road with no regard for safety driving like IDIOTS and get a bad rap from various towns and municipalities for being an ”eyesore”.

    We have enough issues to deal with the DOT, Anne S. Ferro and theFederal Motor Carrier Safety Administration”s witch hunting us, shippers and receivers crapping on us, cheapskate huge load brokers cutting our throats, high operating costs closing company doors, and now we have to portrayed as cold-blooded killers looking for our next victim?


  • martymarsh

    This is some funny stuff, and you can make some people believe anything. The only profession a killer has is killing, they may happen to be a truck driver or plumber or even a cop, and some jobs make it easier to be a killer, but it is highly unlikely that the job made them be what they are.
    So truck drivers are the only ones that could possibly dump a body along a highway?
    This is more proof you can’t fix stupid.
    Of course we also have to remember that the people that come up with this garbage will do anything for a buck. When you investigate an industry you are using your head, when you accuse an industry you are nothing but an idiot, and if it wasn’t for all of the gullible people you would also look like an idiot.
    But then that’s showbiz.

  • No Reform

    Look around at a truckstop these days…..look “normal” to you???

  • No Reform

    At one time Trucking had Proud MEN in the business. GROWN MEN. They had pride in their appearance and their rigs and had self respect. Today there are some of them still in trucking..but alot of ripped off, desperate, obediant slaves
    who dress like Homeless derelicts. Plenty of NutJobs too.
    Could be some killers….who knows what they are breeding.

  • No Reform

    These mega fleets and criminal “logistics” companies dont care WHO is driving for them..they just want money. Could be Charles Manson for all they care.


    that’s right…bash the truckers….maybe we should all stop driving then you would all starve and be without all your material things, so what bodies found along highways can be dropped just as easily from cars. you are all pathetic


    you are an ass

  • No Reform

    Ouch that hurt…

  • cartoonkirk

    media clings to this shit. turn off the channel and dont support their products advertised.

  • William McKelvie

    What is this?? Is this your follow up article on the first article on this program because those who appeared on the show got rubbed the wrong way by some of the comments in the first article? They got their feelers hurt? Nice attempt. Next.

  • Jason Haggard

    So just to get TAT recognized on a “high profile forum” was worth the further damaging of an already tainted perception of professional drivers. I’m sorry but I’m gonna be blunt on this deal. If you were a vet clinic would you run an ad on a dog-fighting channel and call it a positive thing because you are getting the message out. Just what are people willing to do to get a couple minutes of air time these days.

    I found the show disgusting and also find the methods used by those who appeared on the show disgusting as well. It takes a lot to get me to call someone out publicly but in this case I am sorry, it is warranted.

  • Hooty

    i thought the show sucked! There was not near enough of the “pro” trucker, it was all “con” trucking. I wonder how many people would like to see “Killer News People” or “Killer Reporters” ect.? You have a dozen people that do the crime and an entire industry is to blame? The people that put this show on should be sued for slander and defamation of the industry, not to mention discrimination.

  • Castaway50

    Many of the commenters here have legitimate comments.

    Gladly I’m retired but there has been enough bashing of the American truckers and some have brought it on themselves.

    I’ve seen many of those who still truck with dignity and those who look like they haven’t had a shower in a month or so. I traveled the highways for about 40 years and done it without an accident. But the continual bashing is getting over done. There’s good and bad in any industry, why not write articles about those bad in other jobs??

  • Kittin

    Yes – and put the dots on a map next to every murder scene that a newsperson visited… OMG reporters MUST be murderers because look at all the scenes they were there at! Coincidence? Hmm…

  • Allen Smith

    Here’s the Facts:
    1) There are deranged people in ALL professions, including trucking.
    2) Because of the mobility of the trucking profession it can and does attract those who see it as an opportunity to commit their criminal acts.
    3)Investigation Discovery was running this show REGARDLESS of anyone standing up for the good that those do in the industry.

    Kudos to ALL who had the guts to speak up about the good in trucking on this show so that the general population would understand that this was a show about 3 convicted serial killers who chose trucking as their cover up, and were caught, and therefore does NOT represent the entire industry.

    Without those who stood up and shared that “good”, this show would have been a one sided program. Instead the show stated that most of our nations truckers are “good hard working people”
    The show also shared crimes AGAINST truckers as well as the lack of parking that exists. Thank you Hope Rivenburg for sharing Jason’s story.

    It also brought light to the human trafficking that is going on and showed how truckers are “fighting back” against trafficking by being the eyes and ears of the truck stops. The show stated how 1 driver made the human trafficking hotline call and saved many young lives.

    It was the title of the show that was most upsetting to so many of us. It was a moral obligation to speak out and allow the other side of trucking to be presented to the viewers, and that was accomplished.

    Of course for those who did not watch the show, they would not know that and choose to make comments without facts.

    The people most responsible for the image of truck drivers are truck drivers.

  • No Reform

    How about Killer Dispatchers?? We need a study on How Many drivers and car drivers have been Killed under the dispatch of some of these RIP OFF trucking companies??
    They HABITUALLY hire inexperienced or DOPED UP drivers who kill and mame on a REGULAR basis. The STATS are listed in FMCSA/CSA for all to see. FATALITIES is the section we could look at. Injury Accidents is another. CR ENGLAND boasts 600 ACCIDENTS?? Gee does THIS look like SERIAL KILLERS to YOU?? They damn sure are NOT the only ones. A bit LOOSE in their HIRING STANDARDS?

  • No Reform

    A serial killer only slaughters a spit in the bucket compared to a MEGA FLEET. Constant Carnage is the GOAL of some of these trucking companies…they might be making BOOK with las vegas on how many they do this Month??

  • No Reform

    This Killer Trucker who went berzerk and started killing Aug24 at Pritchet Trucking Inc in Florida is a figment of the imagination?? Trucking companies will hire any Ex Con who will work for peanuts…even better if he is an Illegal Alien. strives to maintain an open forum for reader opinions. Click here to read our comment policy.