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LaHood bowing out as Transportation Secretary

| January 29, 2013

Ray LaHood

Secretary of Transportation Ray LaHood announced he will not be staying in his cabinet position for the second term of President Barack Obama. He released a statement this morning to his staff, the public and the president.

The president also released a statement, thanking LaHood for his service.

For the full story, see Overdrive sister site CCJ‘s report.

  • Jackie

    Drivers,hang on to your ass, they must have found another suit to screw you and like the rest of the industry that have no idea of what the hell there talking about! Yes I do know what I am talking about I to hung on the wheel for 30 years, and have watched you get screwed,because it’s all about the money,and you haven’t seen any of it! Let me have that job, you will be sleeping when you need to,and you guys will quit getting screwed, you will have to know how to read and write english to drive, and I haven’t even started mention the other problems in the business,ATA full of lies and non-union companies are their for one reason to get rich off of you labor you should at lease be paid minimum labor prices for your labor,

  • Chuck Conley

    Praise the Lord! Maybe we won’t get another idiot, but don’t hold your breath!!

  • cherokee

    somebody needs to get it through their heads that the old way is the best,,,it worked for years and this 6 week training coarse for new dumb asses that think the open road is where the money is ,,,bullshit,,,,and it’s not non union co’s. it is the deregulation to where every person who can afford a tractor can go underbid all loads,,,,,wake up truckers and smell the coffee,,,helll the 60’s is when you could make the money,,,,,,,,

  • Mark Colley

    Im glad to see his sorry butt go, im sure obama has another idiot to screw this up. I really dont get where these new rules has anything to do with saftey. If something isnt broke why fix it? strives to maintain an open forum for reader opinions. Click here to read our comment policy.