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Lancaster, Calif., driver wins Rite Aid trucking challenge

Overdrive Staff | September 06, 2013

William Plevney of Lancaster, Calif., Rite Aid distribution center took top honors in Rite Aid’s National Driver Skills Challenge, which took place in Perryman, Md., July 20. Lowell Lee of the Tuscaloosa, Ala., distribution center and Roger Melton for the El Monte, Calif., facility.

Rite Aid’s Driver Skills Challenge recognizes drivers’ skill and safety practices based on a series of American Trucking Associations format challenges designed to test the truckers’ skills in three critical areas—maneuvering behind the wheel, safety knowledge in a written test and proper pretrip safety inspections.

With delivery routes in the Greater Los Angeles area, Plevney says his skill is tested every time he gets behind the wheel. Plevney is a former Marine and LAPD officer who once worked security details for the pope and two U.S. presidents.

  • Sabrina Huban

    That is the funniest thing ever heard of. Which 2 Presidents did Mr. William Plevney work under. Also, which Pope. Mr. William Plevney was going to be court-martial for committing sexual assault on an other smaller male marine. The Los Angeles Police Department fired Mr. William Plevney for crimes against the people of Los Angeles, that included Rape, Theft and his continuous suicidal attempts. He lied to the DMV failing to tell them that he was a suicidal risk. He got his license under false pretense. Now the 30 year marriage isn’t such a happy marriage. Mrs. Sheila Plevney gets off seeing her husband Mr. William Plevney have sex with other women and enjoys dressing him in women’s clothing. All of these claims are in the transcripts that comprised Mr. William Plevney’s firing from Los Angeles Police Department. Mr. William Plevney also sabotaged his abandoned son’s car causing his death. So Mr. William Plevney isn’t all that Rite Aid believes to be. Mr. William Plevney also has a video where he is sexually harassing other male employees. This needs to be sought out. That is a gifted individual who can assault others and thinks he can get away with it.

  • cathystephanie

    Yeah, I remembered William Plevney. My dad worked with him. My dad was at Woodland Community Hospital the days Mr. William Plevney tried to blow his brains off with his service revolver. How was it the DMV gave him a CDL there are rules and Mr. William Plevney had to have lied to get his license. To date Mr. William Plevney owes 150,000 in back child support. His happy wife Shiela Plevney lied in both the Los Angeles Police board and Superior court. That is why he got fired. He was fired because he was criminal.

  • Gar Snyder

    Hey, yeah, William Plevney was one crazy MF he is believed to be the first Christopher Dorner. Man he is crazy as crazy comes. When he violated a law or someone’s rights his favorite saying was “I wasn’t there, No one saw me do it.” This is the same act that got his faggot ass fired. Man we thought he has offed himself for sure. He was a sad loser.

  • D Navarro

    Oh man this guys is a loser. This contest was rigged. William Plevney had to know vehicle law so how did the other contestants get a fair shot at this. The DMV doesn’t give out CDLs to 5150’s or suicidal people. They really slipped on William Plevney. He tried to kill himself more often then I can count.

  • Jean Walker

    This contest was fixed. The other contestants were not familiar with vehicle codes and they’ve never had vehicle training that LAPD gave William Plevney. This guy is a loser and a thief. He also tried to commit suicide from 1987 to 1990. What a joke he tried to kill himself with a vehicle. Who gave this guy a CDL someone really messed up.

  • Jim Stokes

    Who worked Security Detailed for the president or pope?
    Not William Plevney. Let’s get real he was a psych patient at Woodmen’s Psych. LOL how did he get his CDL he is a suicidal case.

  • Randy McCullum

    How desperate is the transportation agency to have this clown represent them as driver of the year. This guys lied to get hit CDL I was present the day he tried to blow off his head with his service weapon. Crying and telling every officer to allow he to kill himself. When did this clown secure any Presidents or even a Pope. He worked for ADT after getting his ass fired. He and his 30 year married wife lied various times in Superior court and at his board hearing. What a liar secure which Presidents.

  • Sgt. George Martinez

    This guy William Plevney was stuck on the front desk when I started as a probationer. I was assigned to the front desk and William Plevney was sitting there without a weapon. I asked if that was allowed. I was told William Plevney was a suicidal officer. Well on this day, the morning was quiet. Then this homeless guy walked into the station eating a carrot. William Plevney questioned the homeless guy about the carrots. The next thing you knew there we were 7 officers and Sgt. Baker. Walking towards the back parking lot of the station. We surrounded this young pretty pregnant woman. She was getting into her car. Leaving, she was question by Sgt. Baker and William Plevney was all over this young pregnant woman. All this woman had done was give the homeless guy carrots to eat and 20 dollars. This woman was not thread to 8 LAPD officers. She didn’t have any weapons. William Plevney was just wasting Los Angeles resources harassing this young pregnant woman. A few days later I was told this woman had miscarried because we had man handled her, Based on William Plevney’s 5150 episode. This guy got a CDL who was asleep when they gave him his CDL.

  • Lt. Rick Wright

    Hell, yeah. I remember this racist ass hole. He was let go because he was 5150. An addict of steroids, a rapist, thief, liar, and as for his marriage no such thing as a 30 year marriage exist. He was married to another woman during this so call marriage. That woman Sheila is just like William she is the biggest thief, embezzler ever, she will stop at no ends. She fed her own son steroids believing the kid would make it big in Fresno. The kid is just not a go getter. How did California DMV give William Plevney a commercial license with his many failed attempts at committing suicide.

  • Joey Farr

    A 30 year marriage. Who? Read the fine print Mrs. Sheila Plevney.. William Plevney divorced you because you are a controlling witch. HAHAHA He never secured the any Presidents or Popes. Here is another attempt by Rite Aid to prove they are a family organization. They live the lie like William Plevney. Too bad No happy 30 year marriage, No President, Pope security, A sexual predator if nothing more.

  • Steven Plevney

    Lies, lies, lies, Rite Aid has hired an ex cop that got booted on his ass. He was suicidal and tried to kill himself. LAPD hid that fact. William Plevney was the first Christopher Dorner. The difference was LAPD tried to cover up William Plevney’s crimes.

  • dave esquill

    Has anyone checked their deliveries after William Plevney makes his deliveries. I’m sure if they did they would find that this ex-fired LAPD officer had an itch to steal what is not his. Someone better be checking those deliveries. strives to maintain an open forum for reader opinions. Click here to read our comment policy.