Last days for CARB’s manufacturer-delay extension

| August 28, 2013

problem emissions control labels (2)End-of-year compliance deadlines in the California Air Resources Board’s Statewide Truck and Bus rule loom for owner-operators of 1996-2006 model-year engines. All prior compliance extensions for small fleets (defined as three or fewer trucks) run out at that time, and to continue compliant operation in California, those operators may put 1995-earlier or 2007-later model year engine into service or retrofit the 1996-2006 model year engine with a diesel particulate filter. 

CARB Truck and Bus rule requirements:
**Pre-1994 engines: No requirements until 2015, then 2010 engine
**1994-1995: No requirements until 2016, then 2010 engine
**1996-1999: DPF from 2012 to 2020, then 2010 engine
**2000-2004: DPF from 2013 to 2021, then 2010 engine
**2005-2006: PM filter from 2014 to 2022, then 2010 engine
**2007-2009: No requirements until 2023, then 2010 engine
**2010: Meets final requirements

Owner-operators and fleets upgrading their trucks this year via truck/engine-replacement or retrofit have until September 1 to make their purchase if they may need to take advantage of an extension if manufacturer delivery or installation is delayed. “To qualify,” noted representatives from retrofit-diesel-particulate-filter clearinghouse and consultancy Ironman Parts, “purchase orders must be placed four months ahead of the compliance deadline (by August 31) to take into account delivery, installation, holidays, and year-end lead times.” 

The delay extension includes purchases of  engines and vehicles “originally equipped with a PM filter,” according to CARB, in addition to retrofit DPFs. 

Find more about the manufacturer-delay compliance extension via this advisory. 

Ironman provided the follow manfucturer-delay-extension schedule graphic: 

CARB manufacturing delay extension timeline

  • Nick

    California is fuck up

  • James

    Amazing that one state can try to control federal interstate commerce! I’m appalled that they are actually getting away with this. If anyone has any suggestions, please speak now!!!!

  • johnny dark

    quit running California, simple as that.

  • espfan

    Who really gives a shit about their *** law? I`m gonna spend +10K to retroass my rig and cripple it along the way just to comply with couple of donks running a pickup truck(and idling) @ So cal truckstops or I 5 scales. When average rate going in an out of CA exceeds 2.50$ a mile (with current fuel prices of course) I might reconsider. Till then- catch me if you can

  • BRD

    December 31st is my last day for California. I’ve had it with that communist state…

  • Mark French

    No one needs to run in this state! Rates suck here anyway!

  • BRD

    I can see cleaning up the air. It’s the fact that my truck was smog legal in 1999 in when it was new. Now to tell me it’s not is just wrong. I have had my own trucks since 1985 and I have always made good business decisions as to when to spend money on a new one. Now is not the time for me to invest 60 or 70 thousand dollars on a newer truck when there is nothing wrong with mine. The after market smog units are a joke. I can agree that when it”s time for me to buy a newer truck to make sure that it’s smog legal with the new laws but don’t put me out of business just because you can. California….wake up….there thousands of guys and gals with one or two trucks that are gona say bye bye to your state and your loads on December 31st…

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  • Todd Dills

    Let’s keep it clean on here, espfan, please.

  • Grizzly6

    I’m a California Owner Operator and most of Us are in no way retrofitting or replacing our trucks . Mary Nichols and her Commies are going to have to shoot me off the roof of my truck when they tell me I can’t try to make a living here anymore ! Maybe it will be at that brand new 25 million dollar scale they just built on I-80 . I here that it even has a jail .

  • grizzly6

    Why is it that the new trucks have to regenerate by using diesel fuel to heat up the DPF when they say its the diesel that’s polluting the air anyway! My 2004 runs just fine and gets an avg. 6.2 mpg . I spoke to a guy the other day with a brand new Pete . He was getting 5.3 plus 10 gal of def every 7 days . How can anyone make a profit with that plus your downtime taking it to the shop .Since 1999 I went through 2 new trucks. The way our economy is going, there is no way I can run a profitable business with another new truck. Hey CARB ! Leave us Owner Operators Alone !!!!

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  • Dave Robbins

    its all bull ***. dose cal have it on there trucks.?

  • Dave Robbins

    Protest ever time you go to cal. let them have your trash.

  • Dave Robbins

    The guy or gril who started this *** . how much do thay make?

  • Nottoway

    Unfortunately (or fortunately), California’s economy is the 12th largest economy in the world
    if the states of the U.S. were compared with other countries. The gross state product (GSP) is about $1.9 trillion, which is 13.06% of the United
    States gross domestic product (GDP). The almighty dollar still rules so evidently
    they can do as they wish!

  • Brian

    Well you sure as hell wouldn’t think that they’re so *** great based on their out bound frieght rates. They expect us to spend all this money to kiss thier ** and still expect us to hual their *** for nothing….WTF

  • Todd Dills

    C’mon Brian, Let’s keep it clean if we can.

  • Todd Dills

    Try to keep it clean, Dave, but keep the comments coming.


    for those of you that don’t know the guy that wrote the report that diesel exhaust kills so many people a year had a fake degree and lied or his hiring app. than the woman who runs CARB found out about(a Jerry Brown appointee)the fake degree and sat on the information wile they were voting on making it law. Than decided to keep it law anyway. to top it off they both still have their jobs!!!! Welcome to the socialist republic state of California. By the way I don’t haul for a living I have a 1997 Mack that’s a race car hauler registered in Montana registered(I live in the socialists republic) as a motor home and have no idea where I fall in the law???and the highway patrol doesn’t either!!! That being said I know how hard you guys work and how hard it is for you to make a living!

  • Mike Hinze

    I ran east and west, back and forth to California for years. That State has always been it’s own little foreign country. Just stop running Cali and let the State sink!

  • Jimmy the Greek

    Do they still even speek english there ? it’s been around 25 years since i been there .

  • Jimmy the Greek

    I herd some drevers taking about saving botles of piss and chucking them when they in state , LOL strives to maintain an open forum for reader opinions. Click here to read our comment policy.