Lawsuits continue for Pilot, attorneys want to consolidate cases

| June 06, 2013

In at least the thirteenth lawsuit filed against truck stop chain Pilot Flying J, owner-operator Paul Otto of Wisner, Nebraska, has sued the fuel provider over federal accusations that it withheld millions of dollars of owed fuel rebates to trucking companies.

However, according to a report from, a court in Ohio may hear in July a request by one attorney to consolidate the cases and have them treated as one consolidated class-action suit in Cleveland, Ohio.’s report says that  the attorneys for Ohio Auto Delivery — a carrier that filed a lawsuit against Pilot earlier this month — filed the request with the U.S. Judicial Panel on Multidistrict Litigation last week.

Like the other dozen suits brought against Pilot, Otto is suing on grounds of fraud, deceptive trade practices, unjust enrichment, conversion, breach of contract and fraudulent concealment. His suit for evidence leans heavily on a federal affidavit unsealed April 18 that alleges the company systematically withheld rebates from carriers as a way to boost profits and increase sales commissions.

Otto is seeking compensatory and punitive damages and attorney’s fees.

Click here to see the lawsuit documents.

  • No Reform

    Can you imagine those Pigs at Pilot outright STEALING from truckers while all the while greeting them with a smile?
    What Psycho Crooks………worthless trash owns pilot what a bunch of scum.

  • HeStillDrives

    We, the people, pay our elected officials, and we have no idea what they have been doing.
    We, the parents, raise our children who go out, in their teenage years, and do things we only find out about if they get caught.
    We, the truck owners, tell our drivers to drive the speed limit, not to overload, not to run too many hours, not to carry passengers, but how many owners could swear on a stack of Bibles that none of our drivers do any of those things?
    I only say that to ask if the owner of Pilot Flying J simply reads his reports every day or week, he really might not know, because the ones who are creating the numbers want them to look good, as does the owner, so why would he think otherwise?
    It is possible. He will be paying the bill for it. Let the courts decide, and it will all come out through the courts.

  • Attorney Matthews Bark Orlando

    Perhaps this is the catalyst management needs to finally sell off the money losing entity known as the west.

  • No Reform

    These guys get RICH by STEALING…it is much quicker.
    Haslam knew all along and probably designed the scheme.
    Many large fleet owners have become stealing and cheating….nothing new.

  • No Reform

    greed overcomes these HOGS…they can bend a few rules if the Prize is worthwhile…its an addiction to the RICH.
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