Learning even more at the Sylectus conference

| February 11, 2012

As a truck driver, I am continually curious about the greater trucking industry. In that regard, participating in the Sylectus conference was a wonderful romp in the industry information park. But this is a motor carrier event, attended mostly by the people who own and operate expedite carriers with fleet sizes ranging from 10 to 400 trucks. In our business, Diane and I live and work closer to the asphalt.

While my industry big-picture perspective improved by an order of magnitude in the last few days, it remains the case that Diane and I are perfectly positioned in the industry to live and work as we choose, and to accomplish what we seek to accomplish. We will continue to lease our truck to Landstar Express America and get the freight we haul from Landstar agents. I learned nothing at this conference that suggests we would be better off doing anything else.

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