LED headlamp test: Not just brighter, but wider and more natural illumination

| November 13, 2013

I noticed that my eyes didn’t feel as strained as they normally would during a night drive on such a dark road. This is perhaps due to the enhanced blue and white light given off by the LED lamps being a much more natural color than what’s emitted by conventional lamps, so it’s more like daytime light. Additionally, your eyes don’t have to work as hard to pick out details on the road.

As I reported these impressions to Van Riper, it turned out there is even more subtlety at work. He said Truck Lite conducted extensive research with the University of Michigan Transportation Research Institute to develop a light wavelength that’s more conducive to producing daytime levels of melatonin in the body, thereby reducing fatigue. The result, Van Riper says, is more alert drivers while on duty and less fatigued drivers at the end of a shift.

Freightliner’s move to standardize Custom LED lamps on the Cascadia is a sure indicator this technology has arrived. While Truck Lite is progressing with its product’s market penetration, Grote Industries also has been developing LED headlamp options for an equipment partner and anticipates a much broader market, says Product Manager Chris Cammack.

My impressions of the new lamps were positive: Crisp, white light that is easy on the eyes and provides longer and wider fields of view. That’s a hard combination to beat. 

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  • Steve

    ok, so where do I get them? I’m ready to retrofit my truck to these LED’s.

  • Canada 1955

    No heat generated so they will ice up

  • Slow and steady

    DOT approved LED lights five years ago, it takes the truck industry that long to catch up, they’re always behind the curve.

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  • Ray

    You need to instruct the truck owners how to aim them! They
    are a pain in the A– when miss aligned in the rain or snow coming at you. If they are going to be sold , they need to be installed by a professional shop! The US DOT needs to seta new category on the CDL Physical for Night Blindness, If tested with your not allowed to drive from dusk until dawn, period!

  • YAJA


  • YAJA


  • Jon McLaughlin

    Oh, by all means we need more regulations!!!!!!

  • Rafael

    Ray is obviously an Idiot

  • Johnn

    Every Penske truck with LED headlights that has either followed or met me on a two-lane road blinds me as bad, if not worse than a regular headlight vehicle with high beams on. These LED headlights are going to cause a serious accident when operating on a narrow two-lane road in rain and roadspray at a curve, as the oncoming driver is completely blinded. Looks like an “ambulance chaser’s” dream. As another reader point out, no heat – no snow melt. If one were to take a higher intensity halogen headlight, and focus the beam the same as the LED pattern, it would be just as effective. good concept, poor execution.

  • Greg

    Pit Stop Truck Parts Proudly Presents : Freightliner Cascadia 2008-2014 LED Headlights :


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