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LED headlamp test: Not just brighter, but wider and more natural illumination

| November 13, 2013

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  • Steve

    ok, so where do I get them? I’m ready to retrofit my truck to these LED’s.

  • Canada 1955

    No heat generated so they will ice up

  • Slow and steady

    DOT approved LED lights five years ago, it takes the truck industry that long to catch up, they’re always behind the curve.

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  • Ray

    You need to instruct the truck owners how to aim them! They
    are a pain in the A– when miss aligned in the rain or snow coming at you. If they are going to be sold , they need to be installed by a professional shop! The US DOT needs to seta new category on the CDL Physical for Night Blindness, If tested with your not allowed to drive from dusk until dawn, period!

  • YAJA


  • YAJA


  • Jon McLaughlin

    Oh, by all means we need more regulations!!!!!!

  • Rafael

    Ray is obviously an Idiot

  • Johnn

    Every Penske truck with LED headlights that has either followed or met me on a two-lane road blinds me as bad, if not worse than a regular headlight vehicle with high beams on. These LED headlights are going to cause a serious accident when operating on a narrow two-lane road in rain and roadspray at a curve, as the oncoming driver is completely blinded. Looks like an “ambulance chaser’s” dream. As another reader point out, no heat – no snow melt. If one were to take a higher intensity halogen headlight, and focus the beam the same as the LED pattern, it would be just as effective. good concept, poor execution.

  • Greg

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