Exclusive: In-cab video interview with ‘Ice Road’ star Lisa Kelly

| March 27, 2013


Overdrive executive editor Jack Roberts landed an exclusive interview with “Ice Road Truckers” star and “Sexiest Trucker Alive” Lisa Kelly. The two took a drive on the Indiana side of Kentuckiana, north of Jeffersonville, and talked everything from manual vs. auto transmissions, Kelly’s horses, her on-road pet-peeves and the revival of trucking in pop culture.

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  • http://www.facebook.com/andyorso Andrew Orso

    I would love for Lisa to drive for my company but I probably can’t afford her :(

  • htown trucker

    looks like she gained about 30 pounds. marriage must agree with her.

  • Charlie

    Reminds me of my daughter…One of the best around..

  • http://www.facebook.com/dajonesyahoocom Davy Jones

    She is a great role model for the girls everywhere. Has good morels and values, honest, and hard working….

  • http://www.facebook.com/dajonesyahoocom Davy Jones

    Wish back ground noise was less. I love viewing Lisa on IRT and other shows. Is she an O.O.I.D.A.

  • http://www.facebook.com/dajonesyahoocom Davy Jones

    I agree with Lisa on Automatic Transmission as not best for winter and extreme situation… They shift at the wrong time on ice and etc….

  • http://twitter.com/JackRobertsCCJ Jack Roberts

    She’s very thin, It was very cold that day so she was layered up.

  • Red Horse

    Talk about distracted driving! I think she looked in her left mirror once! As the late Harold Smith would say…”Get the big picture”!

  • David

    this video shows how much noise there is in a Volvo no matter what they claim. of course most cabovers are louder inside the cab than conventionals

  • alltlzrd

    i couldn’t hardly hear her over the noise of the vulva.their hype & overdrive’s propaganda was that it was the quietest truck in the world.

  • thetruckinglife

    that’s true, had an automatic transmission in a KW T2000 while employed with CFI and after a couple of days did not like it

  • thetruckinglife

    good interview Lisa, good answers to the questions being thrown at you.

  • Heleninseattle

    Lisa Kelly is an inspiration. She wanted to do something so she did it — WELL! Kudos lady, keep on truckin’ :)

  • rafael soto

    she is one beautiful and really impressive girl in bussines

  • htown trucker

    fair enough. i’ll take that.

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