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Lisa M. McAlpine

LisaMMcAlpineMy mother raised four children on her own for 20+ years, always putting her own ambitions aside to work in a factory, at Family Dollar, House of Pizza, and various other jobs to put food in our stomachs, clothes on our backs, and everything children could ever need, while putting her own needs last. She has always put her children first, and we have watched her struggle over the years, though she never let on how much she was hurting. When we were old enough to care for ourselves she finally got to pursue her own dreams. She has wanted to be a truck driver for many years, and was finally given the chance in Sept of 2004. And she has loved trucking every since. It is her dream to own a beautiful Peterbuilt and to be able to travel the United States, to see what she once never though possible. She deserves this opportunity because she has done her job as a mother. Words cannot describe what this opportunity would mean to my mom, and I want this for her. She is an amazing woman that taught her children to never give up on your dreams, no matter how long they may take.  As her children go out into the world striving for their dreams, I would love to see her achieve hers as well. She is beautiful both physically and spiritually, and she is my hero for all she has accomplished in life.

  • Laura N Clay Pelkey

    She is a wonderful mother/grandmother. She works so hard, shes hardly home, but shes doing what she loves! Shes so cute in the big rig caz shes so tiny! I went with her for a month, I dont know how she does it, I was homesick and board out of my mind! LOL I think she should win because she gives trucking her ALL and shes great at it as well as looks too damn cute doing it! Please vote for my mom, SHE DESERVES it!! I love you beautiful momma <3 Love Boog

  • Lisa-Marie Tiffanie Watson

    This is my beautiful Mama <3 She is amazing, an amazing mother, grandmother, daughter, sister, girlfriend, and friend. She has given up so much to help provide for her family, and if there is any way that I can give back to her I would go to the end of the Earth to do so. I love you Mama Cita, and I hope you win because you definitely deserve a special treat!

  • Mom

    Lisa comes from a family of survivor women. Her grandmother was her hero,a very strong willed straight forward loving person. I as her Mom am also a strong willed life survivor. She has never had anything handed to her without a large sacrifice as payment so raising a family was very hard for her and on her as a young woman. I know she has worked hard and long to get to where she is today and I believe she has earned as well as deserves the title of “The Most Beautiful Woman Trucker.” I Love You BABYDOLL !!!!!! strives to maintain an open forum for reader opinions. Click here to read our comment policy.