Overdrive Staff | January 01, 2010

Seasonally adjusted trucking employment peaked in January 2007 at more than 1.45 million, according to BLS figures. Since then, for-hire trucking companies have shed 203,100 jobs, or 14 percent.

The jobs report for the overall economy was very positive, relatively speaking, with a loss of only 11,000 jobs on a net basis.

— Avery Vise

OOIDA files suit against Minnesota

The Owner-Operator Independent Drivers Association, which is already suing the Minnesota State Patrol over its fatigue checklist, has filed a second suit against the state regarding commercial vehicle inspection citations.

On Nov. 19, OOIDA filed a class action lawsuit seeking refunds on these citations issued to truckers before Aug. 1 and to expunge them from motor carrier and driver records.

The suit, filed in Minnesota District Court for the Fourth Judicial District, charges that before August, the state never adopted the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration’s regulations into state law and that the U.S. Department of Transportation never authorized Minnesota to enforce federal regulations. Therefore, before the state adopted the rules, the State Patrol was not authorized to enforce these actions against interstate carriers or their drivers. State Patrol officials declined to comment on the lawsuits.

The new suit charges these citations and out-of-service orders issued before Aug. 1 deprived drivers and carriers of due process offered under state and federal law. The statute of limitations would require fines imposed for six years prior to the suit be returned, the association said.

OOIDA filed the first lawsuit May 13 with the U.S. District Court for the District of Minnesota for truck drivers placed out of service and sometimes fined after what it charges was the State Patrol’s arbitrary conclusion that the drivers were fatigued. OOIDA charges the patrol lacked authority to impose the orders, that the drivers were not allowed a hearing and that the state had not clearly defined fatigue.

— Jill Dunn

Truck shows will feature health exhibits

Overdrive publisher Randall-Reilly has partnered with the Healthy Trucking Association of America to produce Health and Wellness Pavilions at the 2010 Great West Truck Show and the 2010 Great American Trucking Show.

The Healthy Trucking Association of America will sell booth space within the HTAA Health and Wellness Pavilions at both shows. Expected exhibitors will have products and services in the areas of sleep apnea, blood pressure, exercise equipment, medical services, vitamins and supplements, healthy eating and insurance, among others.

In addition to the Health and Wellness Pavilions, the Great West Truck Show and the Great American Trucking Show will offer attendees a wide range of educational and entertainment options, including workshops, presentations, free concerts and the Pride & Polish truck beauty events.

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