Overdrive Staff | February 01, 2010

In comments filed Jan. 5, ATA told NHTSA that distracted driving, speeding and aggressive driving are particularly dangerous as highway congestion worsens due to freight volume growing faster than highway capacity.

THE FEDERAL TAX CREDIT that provided makers of biodiesel $1 for every gallon sold expired Dec. 31. The National Association of Truck Stop Owners in December urged Senate leaders to extend the tax credit to ensure an affordable biodiesel supply for the industry and to support truck stops’ investments.

An additional $11 million is available to retrofit existing trucks or to buy new rigs that work at the Port of Oakland in California.

More funds for Oakland port trucks

The California Air Resources Board on Dec. 31 announced an additional $8 million in compliance assistance funding that, combined with recent $3 million in funding, will partly pay for more than 1,200 retrofits and more than 100 new trucks working the Port of Oakland.

The additional Proposition 1B funding will provide $5,000 per truck for 1,216 additional owners to install particulate matter filters on their rigs, and provide $50,000 for owners of 103 old trucks to purchase newer models.

CARB will continue to work with its local, port and federal partners to seek additional funding. CARB will also consider regulatory changes to provide compliance flexibility while seeking additional matching funds.

Truckers who applied for retrofit funding to the Bay Area Air Quality Management District in 2008 and 2009 but were denied funding when the money ran out, and who are unable to enter the port under the new rule, are eligible for the grants. In addition, truckers who applied and qualified for replacement funding in 2008, but were denied in 2009 when the money ran out, are also eligible.

Those who meet all of the Proposition 1B eligibility criteria will receive an extension as soon as possible but no later than February to operate their trucks at ports and rail yards until April 30.

The average cost of a particulate matter filter is $16,000, with the devices removing 85 percent of the diesel emissions from older trucks.

With this recent announcement, state, local and federal air agencies and ports now have provided $37 million in funding to help clean up more than 2,300 trucks at the Port of Oakland.

— Jill Dunn


L.A. port adjusts clean truck deadline

The Los Angeles Harbor Commission announced Dec. 16 it had approved a second set of modifications to the Port of Los Angeles tariff to allow truckers to continue operating their trucks past the Jan. 1 ban date.

The second set of tariff modifications is designed to be consistent with a Drayage Truck Rule Advisory issued by the California Air Resources Board on Dec. 8. The agency ruling allows truckers who have purchased a new truck or retrofit with private funds to continue to operate their trucks until April 30, while waiting for the new truck to be delivered or the retrofit to be installed.

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