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“CTA is supportive of the production and use of alternative fuels, but the cost gap between CARB’s Low Carbon Fuel Standard and the diesel fuel that the other 49 states will continue to use is unacceptable,” says Scott Blevins, president of Mountain Valley Express and 2012 CTA president.

“This is a serious setback for any business dependent on diesel fuel for its operations. State regulators need to step down from their ivory tower and understand the impact of these unfair policies on California truckers. CARB’s blind pursuit of policies that will drive many California-based trucking companies out of state or out of business should be of great concern to all Californians.”

CTA says the report states the diesel fuel price increases will cast an even wider net, affecting food, fuel, clothing and other areas.

— Staff reports


Driver gets 18 months for falsifying logs

A Philadelphia trucker was sentenced to 18 months in prison for falsifying his log book in connection to a sentence he was already serving for vehicular homicide.

Valerijs Belovs kept four log books.

On May 7, U.S. District Court Judge James Knoll Gardner sentenced Valerijs Nikolaevich Belovs, 58, on 15 counts of making false statements in connection with a falsified log book, according to the U.S. Department of Justice. The Philadelphia judge also fined Belovs $1,000, levied a $1,500 special assessment and prohibited him from operating a commercial vehicle without court permission.

In October, Belovs pleaded guilty to the charges for 15 false log book entries made in the 13 months leading up to his Jan. 23, 2009 crash. Three days before the crash, he had left Guadalupe, Calif., with a load of broccoli bound for South Philadelphia and New Jersey’s produce markets, according to the U.S. transportation inspector general.

Belovs kept four log books, each falsified to fit possible situations with authorities.

The day of the accident, Belovs rounded a curve on Interstate 76 in Philadelphia when he encountered stopped rush hour traffic. He rear-ended a car, causing a four-car chain reaction accident. The driver of the car Belovs hit died, the passenger sustained serious injuries and four other commuters were injured.

Belovs was sentenced to 23 months in prison and a $300 fine on April 26, 2010. He had pleaded guilty to various state charges, including vehicular homicide.

— Jill Dunn



A STRATEGIC PLAN for 2012-2016 has been posted online by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration. The plan has three core principles: Raising the bar to enter into trucking, requiring high safety standards and removing high-risk carriers and drivers.


Four Mexican carriers complete safety audit

Four of the 17 carriers that have applied for operating authority through the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration’s pilot program now have completed the Pre-Authorization Safety Audit required for participation. The agency rescinded the preliminary approval of one of those applicants, Grupo Behr, pending further investigation.

Additionally, two other Mexican carriers have dropped out of the applicant pool. In March, the FMCSA dismissed Autotransportes Libre Comercio because of a conditional safety rating, and Trinity Industries De Mexico withdrew because of internal issues.

The agency’s Motor Carrier Safety Advisory Committee met May 23 to continue work on designating a subcommittee to provide independent monitoring of the pilot program.

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