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Todd Dills

Make accident victims pay for traffic tie-ups?

| January 19, 2012


A letter writer to the Chattanoogan newspaper last week proposed to fine drivers of large trucks involved in accidents per hour of required cleanup or per mile of backed up traffic. Specifically:


$5,000 per hour of cleanup or per mile of backed up traffic, whichever is greater, to be paid by the trucking companies, and $1,000 per hour of cleanup or per mile of backup, whichever is greater, to be levied against the truck driver.

You can read his full, though quite brief, commentary here. We’ve heard stuff like this before, but what might be remarkable in this case is the not-so-brief response the idea garnered. Among the many drivers weighing in I was happy to find was Buddy Wenners, the Nabisco driver who last month famously (and quite satirically) proposed in these halls that an outright ban on truck driving ought to do the trick in impressing upon the imagination of the general public just how important are this nation’s truck drivers to its day-to-day life.

Here’s a piece of what he had to say to the letter writer: “What you see is the aftermath of an accident, never the truck driver trying to avoid killing the teenie bopper that ran a red light/stop sign because she was busy gossiping with her BFF, or the unannounced lane change by the guy that realizes his exit is next to him and three lanes to his right….”

To check out the full commentary and/or weigh in yourself, find everything at the Chattanoogan’s site.

And I’m curious — anybody out there who feels like such a punitive fine, combined with a robust determination of at-fault parties in any given accident and similar fines for four-wheelers, would be a good idea, a safety plus?

  • Brad Coddington

    When are the motoring public going to understand that without trucks America stops. We are not using the roads for fun and games. We are out here using them to bring the good and services this country uses and needs to people like this guy complaining. I’m thinking that maybe this guy would be happier if we went back to the way goods were hauled 100 years ago by trains and then watch him complain about how long everything takes to get to him. I guess they will understand when we are all out of business because of all the outrageous laws that the government bureaucrats put on us due to people like this guy that doesn’t have a clue on reality. Because the reality of his Ideas he doesn’t seem to understand that he and everyone else will actually be the ones paying the fines do to the carriers and Owner Operators putting these costs back into the freight rates.

  • tdills

    Thanks for the thoughts, Brad. This struck me as yet another example perhaps of members of the motoring public just too quick to let their frustration get the best of them, eh? Hope all’s well for you in Chicagoland…

  • Rick Gaskill

    O.K. , let them go with this ” to be levied against the truck driver.” and good luck collecting . You can’t get blood from a rock . This really shows how ignorant they are .
    How about charging the driver at fault , over 80% of the time a 4 wheeler .

  • Keith Westbrooks

    This is total BULLSHIT Damn the DOT

  • Keith Westbrooks

    Fireman for 12 years this is just BULL S*~!

  • Keith Westbrooks

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