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Managing stress while marooned without freight

| May 16, 2012

I learned today more about trading. Learned by studying.

Diane and I woke up this morning at the TA truck stop in Zion, Ill. We drove down there on yesterday from Milwaukee to better position ourselves for load offers. It did not work. We’re still in Chicago.

Someone in the Landstar office suggested that Chicago is a very competitive area and location within Greater Chicago matters. That was not the case with our former carrier. With our White Glove truck, we were good if we were within 50 miles.

But we are with Landstar now, so with that new information in mind we moved to ground zero, so to speak. It is in the center of the area where most freight we have hauled out of Chicago comes from and near O’Hare airport. Still no joy. We went another day in Chicago without freight.

There came a point where I started feeling stress in my body and I started feeling more than a little restless. What the hell is going on? We’re in the best freight center in the country and keep coming up dry. I thought about taking my blood pressure with the cuff we keep in the truck for that purpose but chose not to. I did not want more bad news.

A short walk around the retail area we were parked in and a few minutes of meditation when I returned to the truck got the stress out of my body and mind. I felt physically better. Frustration was replaced with gratitude for the large block of free time this stranger-than-strange layover is providing. It gives me time for trading, which is becoming an increasingly important activity since we aren’t making much money hauling freight this week.


    Feels like a recession. I remember when White Glover slowed down, now being in dry bulk, it all seems familiar to those days.

  • Ed DuBois

    Yes Phil,
    I feel your pain my wife and I have experienced the same thing this year.
    We go to an area where normally we get good freight and nothing.We end up going to a normally dead area and we get decent paying freight within 100 miles or less we don’t get it.
    This year has been weird and stressful when you can’t anticapate where your next load might come from or which agent may have it
    Ed and Diane DuBois
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