Mandated freight network in the works

| February 14, 2013

The Federal Highway Administration published a notice last week laying down some groundwork for the National Freight Network required to be established by the MAP-21 omnibus highway funding bill passed last summer. The network, per the law, is intended to help states maximize efficiency of freight movement by letting them know where to direct resources.

FHA posted a notice to the Federal Register saying the network will be laid out according to data that includes origin and destinations of freight, tonnage, value of freight, percentage of annual average daily truck traffic, annual average of daily traffic, access to energy exploration and more.

Design for the freight network is not expected until December, but guidance and technical assistance will be available to states to begin analysis of any rural freight corridors in May.

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  • Craig Vecellio

    Sooooo…now the FMCSA is going to plan our loads for us? If that’s what this means…ugh.

  • bigred

    Lol, i don`t have a clue what this is about. Some more government crap designed to help us get on down the road…

  • Ken Nilsen

    Perhaps if you would take a few minutes to use your keyboard as something other than a paper weight you could find out. The NFN is merely another way of saying roads, rivers, rails, and air traffic. They want to know exactly where the primary freight lanes are so that those lanes can be improved, expanded, and be used more efficiently.

  • Ken Nilsen

    Perhaps the Overdrive staff needs to do a better job of writing and referencing so that more people can understand the point behind an article. Here is the reference material for the article.

  • Ken Nilsen
  • Thompson Pass Trucker

    Thanks a bunch for leading us to more and better information about this. I too didn’t know what it was about until you opened the doors on it.

  • Rex Mounce

    Ultimately what Map -21 boils down to is yet another example of how the federal government. assumes even more power over the states, and interstate commerce regulations. Micromanagement with a twist of Keynesian Economics. Regulate and Mandate the economies of the individual states, and usurp states’ rights. All hail the Fatherland! strives to maintain an open forum for reader opinions. Click here to read our comment policy.