| January 01, 2010

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compactCompact brake controls

Two new compact brake controls are designed for stopping trailers with electric brake systems. The Phantom, a time-based unit engineered with Valley’s F.E.T. brake control technology, uses components that emit less heat and allow for the development of a smaller brake control. The compact unit is 3 inches wide and 1 inch high. The brake control is designed for trailers with two- and four-brake systems and features a dual LED display that indicates trailer continuity, power connection, output power level, gain setting and ramp time setting.  The Blackbird brake control digitally displays trailer settings and diagnostic alerts. The unit handles two-, four-, six- and eight-brake systems.

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In-cab scanning program

A new mobile in-cab scanning program is available for drivers and fleets on the PeopleNet BLU platform through Internet-based provider PeopleNet and Affiliated Computer Services Inc. Users can scan and send documents from terminals, truck stops and cabs through a number of software packages.

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