Overdrive Staff | April 01, 2010

PETERBILT,, (800) 778-8667

gelGel wax

Gel Wax does not need to haze or dry after application. Just apply the wax to one section at a time and wipe off immediately. Gel Wax is made with natural carnauba and polishers that promote durability and water beading, the company says. The wax leaves no white residue and will not discolor black trim and molding. The wax contains no harmful petroleum solvents.

EAGLE ONE,, 800-432-4531

Lift axles

The Composilite Steerable Compliant series of lift axles offers reduced system weight, minimized package space and a flexible tie-rod. The lift axles offer a full range of capacities including 10,000, 13,500 and 20,000 pounds. Hendrickson also has a patent pending Compliant Tie Rod with a dampening system. The technology is designed to lower maintenance costs and increase uptime by providing an impact resistant tie-rod assembly, the company says.  The system provides a self-centering mechanism and a passive steer Ackerman. It is covered by a three-year warranty.

HENDRICKSON,, (800) 660-2829

tag-axlesTag axles and conversion kits 

Two new Spicer tag axles allow conversion of a 6×2 arrangement into a 6×4 configuration or a 6×4 into a 6×2 arrangement, with fuel economy improvements made up to 3 percent, the company says. Mechanical drivetrain loss has been decreased in the new axles, and the total weight is about 400 pounds lighter than the traditional 40,000-pound tandem arrangement. The single-axle design requires 14 fewer pints of lubrication, providing additional weight savings and lowering maintenance costs over 6×4 tandem axles. With rear housings on the new tag axles identical to current tandem rear axles, installers can maintain the same brackets, interface points and geometry. Linehaul warranty coverage is equivalent to Spicer drive axles specified in 6×4 applications, which is up to five years, or 750,000 miles.

ROADRANGER,, (800) 826-4357

ledLED lamp with mounting bracket

The Trilliant 36 LED WhiteLight with mounting bracket has a 40,000-hour service rating and an adjustable mounting bracket capable of 180 degrees of vertical rotation, the company says. A wide flood beam pattern is also available. The lamp is manufactured with rugged UV, hard-coated, polycarbonate lens that can be replaced if damaged. The lamp also comes with an AMP-style connector and pigtail for hardwired applications.


Detroit’s off-road engine package

The Detroit Diesel Series 60 Tier III engine package is available for Western Star off-road vocational applications. Western Star is the only truck maker in North America to offer this engine for the Class 8 chassis, which has ratings of 500 hp and 1550 lb.-ft. of torque, or 425 hp and 1475 lb.-ft. of torque. The engine features a single-stage turbo and no EGR. The truck comes equipped with a 1450 sq.-in. or 1570 sq.-in. radiator, and can be spec’ed with an Allison transmission and an output retarder.

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