Overdrive Staff | May 02, 2010

MICHELIN,, (800) 847-3435

14X drive axle

The 14X tandem drive axle’s features include a new inter-axle differential and a faster ratio and wider range of axle ratios. Premium amboid design is now standard. DualTrac track housing and an axle breather are optional.

ARVIN MERITOR,, (248) 435-1000


Shore power option

The BlueCool Hybrid allows shore power to run the company’s bunk cooler while providing hotel load, the company says. BlueCool Hybrid uses a standard 120-volt AC power source. Its components include an electrical cord (12 gauge, rated for 20 amps); a junction box including relays, fuses, and circuit breakers; a 30-amp battery charger; and a 120-volt AC ground fault circuit interrupt receptacle.

WEBASTO,, (810) 593-6000

Combustion chamber cleaner

CombustiKleen upper cylinder and intake system cleaner is pulled directly from the can into the intake manifold in a fine mist that removes contaminants such as carbon, gum and varnish.

GOLD EAGLE,, (800) 621-1251

Line-haul tire

The DL07 tire for line-haul vehicles features an aggressive block pattern, using four-channel zigzag grooves with stone ejector platforms. The DL07 also features a high-grip notch shoulder design and wide, flat shoulder ribs. The tire is available in 285/75R24.5 (14PR) and will be available in sizes 11R22.5, 11R24.5 and 295/75R22.5 by the third quarter.

HANKOOK,, (977) 633-9000

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