Overdrive Staff | June 02, 2011

The High Power Density engine braking technology provides large displacement retarding power in small and medium displacement engines. It consists of two braking rocker arms and two collapsible bridges per cylinder, which enables a second braking event to occur during each engine cycle, by deactivating the main intake and exhaust events via the collapsible bridges and actuating the two braking rockers.


Permanent coolant leak repair

K-Seal HD is a ceramic and copper formula that mixes with all types of anti-freeze to make permanent repairs to cooling systems on all larger capacity engines. K-Seal stops leaks in the engine’s block, head, radiator, heater matrix, freeze plugs and the head gasket by pouring the contents into the engine coolant. One 16-oz. bottle treats cooling systems of up to 50 quarts capacity.


New tire sizes

Three new sizes of Toyo commercial tires are M122, size 285/75R24.5, and M608Z, sizes 215/75R19.5 and 265/70R19.5. The tires are all-position, drive-axle, free-rolling and on/off road applications.


Extended service interval grease

Delo Grease ESI extended service interval grease should be drained at a 30,000-35,000-mile interval. Its viscosity is between NGLI No. 1 and No. 2 greases, designed for general chassis purposes from the fifth wheel to wheel bearings.


Battery status indicator

The Battery Status Indicator monitors any battery’s power state, particularly for lift gate batteries, and alerts operators during pre-trip inspections that battery power may be low. The LED light flashes green if battery voltage is more than 12.4 volts, or 75 percent power, and blinks red when the voltage falls below 12.39 volts.

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