Overdrive Staff | December 01, 2011


Super-wide trailer tire

The FT125 super-wide trailer tire has a low rolling resistance rib style tread design with a 16⁄32 tread depth. It is available in a 445/50R22.5 size and was designed from the company’s Finite Element Analysis program. The tire is EPA Smartway-certified, and is in the fourth edition of a new fuel efficient line.


Disc brake axle

The 5-in. diameter disc brake version axle is available with Wabco PAN 22 air disc brakes. The axle has a parallel spindle, a hub piloted 11.25-in. diameter bolt circle and long stud for aluminum wheels. It has an axle beam rating of 23,000 pounds with the .59-in wall and 25,000 pounds with the .75-in wall.

RIDEWELL,, (800) 641-4122

Fixed-side fairings

Made from injection-molded automotive-grade TPO material, the fixed-side fairings come in a three-panel design that weighs about 100 pounds per side and features a hinged design to permit clearance up to 24 inches. The bottom panel is able to bend in and out 90 degrees.

AEROFFICIENT,, (847) 784-8100

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